How far would you go for someone you love?


6. 6

   " Don`t lie. Whatever you do Harry please don`t lie to me."
    " I`m not."
    " Okay."
    " Okay. so this summer I was accepted into a college I have been dreaming of going to since middle school.. Well this college is very expensive even with me on part time scholarship. I needed the money and I didn`t know what else to do, so I sold a few drugs here and there to gain some cash. Well last night after I kissed I got in my truck and drove straight to my boss. I told him I wanted out, I want you Alison. I choose you over the money I needed for college because I knew that you are what I want in my future, not any college, not any money, nothing. Just you."
 At that point I could feel the tear run down my cheek. I didn`t really know what to say so I just hugged him, I got onto his lap and just hugged him. It was probably the best thing I have ever down with him. It was so intimate and it was so romantic, it was like it was straight from a movie where the two hug and time stops and it`s like you two are the only ones on Earth. Him and I, Harry and Alison.
    " Harry, that`s all you had to tell me."
 I looked at him and his eye`s were red and puffy and tears were running down his cheeks. He didn`t say anything just brought me back into a hug and then feel back onto the bed. I wasn`t tired and neither was he since we had just slept for like three hours.
    " Do you want to do something?" I sat up on his waist and looked at him, I brought my thumb down and wiped his tears away.
    " Like what?"
    " We can go swimming?"
    " I don`t have swimming trunks."
    " You can borrow my brothers."    
    " Ali your brother is a freshman, they won`t fit."
    " You can wear my older brothers"
    " You have an older brother?"
    " Had."
    " Oh. I`m sorry."
    " It`s okay, I`ll tell you one day."
 He smiled at me and I got off of him and went into my brother Zach`s room and grabbed a pair of swimming trunks. Zach was 23 when he died, he was in the Army and he died in action. They never found his body so we never really got to say goodbye to him. I got out of my thoughts of my brother and closed the drawer to my the chest and went back and gave them to Harry. I went to mine and grabbed my bikini top and bottoms.I went into the bathroom and changed and got 2 towels for Harry and I. I met him out on the patio once I was finished. He was on his phone texting someone. I opened the door and he immediately looked up and locked his phone. I smiled but on inside I felt like he was hiding something. He smiled and came to me and picked me up bridal style. I hung onto him and kissed him, he was walking out to the docks.        
    " You ready?"
    " For what?"
 He then threw me into the water, I came back up and he jumped over me. I turned around and he came up grabbing my waist scaring me. I put my hands around his neck and kissed him.
    " When do you want to leave?"
    " Never."
    " Well as much as I would love to stay here with you forever, we are still in high school and we still have to finish this year."
    " Tomorrow?"
    " Okay."
 Harry then looked over my shoulder and his face went ghost. He swam to the end of the dock and told me to get under the dock. I was confused but I did what he said, I swam under and went to where I could sit. I heard footsteps on the dock, Harry looked at me and then looked up.
    " Paul."
    " Harold."
    " How did you find me? I came here to get away from every one and thing. Including you."
    " Ouch. Should have ditched your phone young grasshopper."
    " Why are you here?"
    " Well you see Harold you know I can`t just let you go, you simply know to much."
    " Stop calling me that I`m Harry, and what are you saying?"
    " Basically you either stay or I have no other choice then to kill you and I don`t want to do that."
    " I`m not going to tell anyone, I`m not stupid."
 At this point I was scared out of my mind. There was a drug lord and his minions on my dock threatening to kill the kid who I`m falling for. I could see thru the crack one of Paul`s guy`s looking around. He was looking thru the cracks on the dock.
    " I`ll see in two day`s with a new order Harry."
 That`s when things got worse. The adventurous minion looked me dead in the eye`s.
    " Paul, someones under the dock!"
    " Get her!"
 He jumped down and grabbed me by the arm and pulled me up the bank and onto the dock. I kicked and screamed out Harry`s name. He came over and punched the guy and they started to fight.
    " ALI RUN!"
 I listened to Harry`s words like they were God`s. I ran as fast as I could into the house. I threw the sliding door open and ran into the house, I fell onto the floor and hurt my leg. I got up and walked cautiously running. I grabbed my phone and went into my closest. I had a small door in there that led to a little compartment for if something like this were to ever happen. I hid in there and I could here Harry run into the house. I could hear him screaming my name
 I opened the small door and crawled out. I ran thru the kitchen grabbing Harry`s keys. I opened the front door and got into his truck. I backed out and started to drive down the road, I was crying so hard that everything was just blurry from the water. I drove about 5 minutes and then I had excruciating pain in my side. The road that was in front of me was no longer there, I saw tree`s and car`s passing in the other direction and beginning to stop. Harry`s gigantic truck now laying on the driver side. I looked around trying to come back to reality, I unbuckled my seat belt and fell to the window with glass going into my arm. I coughed and looked trying to find a way out. I kicked the remaining windshield out and started crawling thru it. I cut my palms and knee`s with every move I took on the broken glass. I exited and looked up to see a man standing over me, I wanted to get up and run so bad but I couldn`t from all the pain I was experiencing. I then passed out and made myself vulnerable to the man and let him take me.

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