How far would you go for someone you love?


5. 5

  I rubbed my eye`s and opened them to an empty bed. I looked around and Harry was no where in my room. I got up and I walked out to the kitchen and got a glass of water, I could hear yelling in the distance.
    " You don`t get to decided that! You leave me and her and our families alone, especially her. You do not touch her or I swear I`ll beat the living hell out of you and you know I will. I don`t care if I have to fly across the country to see you, I will do anything to protect Alison. You hear me? Good. Now I will see you when the original date was set. Don`t come and look for me either."
 Harry hung the phone up and slid it into his pocket. He turned around and came inside, I hurriedly tip toed my way back into bed and acted like I was still sleeping. Harry got back in bed and put his hands around my hips. I rolled over and acted like I was just waking up.
    " Where were you?"
    " Bathroom."
 I nodded and turned back around I was surprised and very shocked that Harry had just lied straight to my face. I got up and put my hair in a pony tail and disappeared from the room, I could hear Harry following me. I checked my phone in the kitchen and I had messages from Will and my Mom. I looked at Will`s first.
    ' Sick?'
    ' Ali.'
    ' Answer me.'
    ' Starting to worry.'
    ' Your mother is messaging me.'
    ' What do I say?'
    ' What the hell Alison!'
    ' Please respond.'
 I opened the keyboard and started typing.
    ' I am fine, I`ll take care of my mom and I`ll explain later.'
 I clicked out of Will and I`s messages and clicked on my moms and read her`s.
    ' Why am I getting calls saying you aren`t at school?'
    ' Alison Elizabeth Stanford answer me.'
    ' Not happy. I need to know where you are.'
 I clicked on the small phone in the right hand corner and called my mom, I put it on speaker and set it on the counter top.
    "Hey mom."
    " Where are you?"
    " Lake house, I needed to leave school for an important reason."
    " Alright just at least tell me next time, you know I don`t care if you skip, it`s your school career not mine. Just tell me."
    " I`m sorry I will, love you mom."
     I hung the phone up and Harry came behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. I stood there for a moment and pushed him away.
    "You lied."
    " What?"
    " You lied to me."
    " About?"
    " Where you were. You weren`t in the bathroom Harry, you were on the patio yelling to the phone."
    " Alison, if this wasn`t important I would tell you but if I told you I would be putting you in so much danger. Please trust me."
    " Harry I do trust you. I just hate liars, Harry you can trust and tell me anything."
    " I know I can and I do, but Ali I really can`t tell you."
 I nodded my head and walked away towards the bathroom, I closed the door behind me and started the hot water. I undressed myself and got in and stood there letting the hot water basically cook me. Harry knocked on the door and came in and sat on the toilet seat.
    " I know you are mad at me but please don`t be. I`m only looking out for you. I am not going to put you in danger. If you got hurt I would hate myself."
    " Harry, I do not hate you, I just wish you would tell me. I don`t want the details just the basics, just so I know everything is okay. I don`t want there to be any secrets between us."
    " I`ll wait for you to get out of the shower."
He left and I finished washing myself, I got out and wrapped a towel around my body. I walked to my room and he was sitting on the bed. I went over to my dresser and put a pair of underwear on under my towel and then I slipped on a large over sized shirt that was my older brothers. I sat down on the bed next to Harry and took a hold his hand into mine.
    " For whatever this is no matter how bad it might be, I will not leave, I will not judge you. Harry I am here and I don`t plan on going anywhere."
 He looked at me and sighed and kissed my forehead like it might be the last time he ever did. I could feel the tears coming, the painful lump in my throat, the painful gutty feeling that this might be the end of Harry and Alison even thought nothing officially started, we were about to end before we began.

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