How far would you go for someone you love?


4. 4

            I woke up early the next morning and had a text message from Harry waiting to be read. I grabbed my phone and laid back against my pillow and swept the unlock button to the other side of my phone. I waited for the text message app to come up and then I read his message.
    ' Be ready at seven, I will be picking you up.'
I smiled and locked my phone putting it back on my side table. I got up and took a shower, wash and rinsing my hair and body.  I got out and wrapped a towel around me and went to my closet and grabbed my black leggings and Ron Jon Surf Shop tie-die sweater, I slipped my white Vans on and went back into my bathroom to brush my hair and put mascara on. I went downstairs and ate a banana and had a glass of water. I had five minutes til Harry said he would be here so I went upstairs and grabbed my backpack ad brushed my teeth. I sprayed some perfum on and walked downstairs. I said bye to my mom and brother and walked outside to see a black truck waiting for me. I opened the door and climbed in and buckled up. He started to drive and he did the usual and put his hand on my thigh. I grabbed his hand and intertwined our fingers together. We arrived at school about ten minutes later. He parked his truck and turned it and reached back for his backpack. He hasn`t really talked at all which is so abnormal from any other time I am with him.
    " Harry."
    " Yes love."    
    " What`s wrong?"
    " Nothing."
    " Harry some-."
    " Alison I said nothing is wrong."
    " Alright."
 I opened the door and jumped down, I turned around to grab my backpack and Harry just sat there with his head against the wheel. I shut the door and walked to his side, I opened up his door and looked up at him.
    " Please tell me."
    " I can`t, not here anyways."
    " Let`s leave then. Forget school and we can go somewhere else."
    " You want to?"
    " Yes, we can go too my lake house. No one is there and it`s only about and hour and a half way. He smiled and nodded at me, he let his hand out for mine and I grabbed it. He pulled me up and sat me on his lap. He snaked his hand around my butt and the other on my knee. I looked at him, his green eye`s like light blubs, so bright and electrified.
    " Don`t. Just hug me."
 I nodded and fulfilled his wishes and I just hugged him. We sat there in each other`s arms for a minute or two until he pulled away and kissed me. I made my way over to the passenger seat and buckled in. He started his truck again, it roaring with life and he drove off school campus. The car ride there was nice, we listened to music and talked. Harry pulled into the drive way of my lake house.
    "I`ll go open up the garage."
 I got out and went to the garage and punched inn the code to open it. I came back to the truck and looked up at Harry.
    " I don`t think you`ll be able to fit in the garage."
    " It`s fine, I don`t mind parking here."
    He turned the truck off and we walked thru the garage into the house. I shut the door behind me and walked into the kitchen. I grabbed Harry`s hand and took him to my room. I entered the clean and posh room and went to the dresser and pulled a pair of spandex shorts out. I pulled my leggings off and slipped the shorts on and turned around to Harry taking his pants and shirt off. We got in bed and I laid on his chest. I drew circles on his peck with my finger and he rubbed my hair.
    " Will you please tell me?"
    " After we get sleep."
 I shut my eye`s and I could feel Harry pull me closer to him and I fastly fell asleep.

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