How far would you go for someone you love?


3. 3

        The movie ended and him and I ended up sitting on the back of his truck for about twenty minutes after the movie talking. I found out a lot about him. He is a really jubilant and lively person. We finally left when a worker told us we had to. It took about an hour to get back to my house, once we got there he parked in my driveway and turned his truck off. He looked at me and smiled.
    " What?"
    " You`re so gorgeous."    
    " Thanks Harry."
    " I had such a good time tonight Al, I wouldn`t want to do it with anyone else."
    " Really?"
    " Yes, now it`s almost eleven o` clock. Let me get you to your door so your mother isn`t mad with me."
    " Okay."
 He came around and opened my door and helped me down and walked me to my door. We stood outside of my door, I was waiting for him to kiss me. He was holding my hands and leaned down. I was so ready to feel his lips against mine, instead I felt them against my cheek.
    " I`ll see you tomorrow Al." I nodded and unlocked my door and walked in. I traveled upstairs and into my bedroom. My phone rung and I answered, it was Harry.
    " Harry? You okay?"
    " No, I need you to come outside. I dropped something."
    " Okay, walking down my stairs now, are you coming back or do you want me to give it to you tomorrow?"
    " No, I am coming back, I will be there in a few seconds."
 He hung up and I opened my front door. I looked around and there was nothing on the ground. Harry was walking up and looking at me.
    " Harry there`s nothing here, you sure you dropped something?"
    " I dropped my manhood Ali."
     I was more then confused after he said that but then he came and pushed me against the wall and kissed me. I was really surprised but I kissed him back. We stood there making out, he pulled away and looked at me.
    " I should have done that earlier."
    " It`s okay, you come back and did it."
    " Yeah, but I should get going. It`s getting late and there`s school tomorrow. Bye baby."
 He kissed me once more on my lips before leaving. I went back inside and up the stairs to my bedroom. I pulled my shorts off and and released my bra from it`s duty and snuggled into bed, soon falling asleep.

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