How far would you go for someone you love?


2. 2

  The day went by pretty fast and soon came two o` clock. I left my 7th period class and walked to the student parking lot. I searched for my electric blue Jeep Sahara Unlimited. I dug thru my backpack for my keys and unlocked my Jeep and got in. i sunk into my leather seat and pulled my Iphone 6 out of my back pocket. I opened Snapchat and replied to some people who snapped me during the day. I exited out tossed my phone on the dashboard console and turned the radio on. I backed out and I drove about 29 feet til I was stopped in a line of cars to leave school. I grabbed my phone and texted Will.
    'Meet you at the pier.'
Will and I had a usual meeting spot for surfing. We would go to the end of the pier with our boards and jump off and swim to the waves. I got home and changed into my bathing suit and grabbed my board and ran back out to the Jeep. I strapped my board into my board holder on top of the roof and drove off to the pier. I drove down three blocks and parked right next to Will and J. J is our surf buddy and also my best friend (along with Will). His name is Justin but him and I call each other J and A. I got out and set my board against the door and started rubbign wax onto the board as did Will. Once me and Will finished putting wax on we started walking up to the pier.
    "So I`m thinking of going back to South Africa this winter break."
    " To go see your girlfriend?"
    " Ha. Not my girlfriend, but yes to see her."
    " Are you going to go by yourself?"
    " Yeah, I`ll just stay at her place."
    " Oh nice."
We got to the end of the pier and we all threw our boards over and jumped in. I got atop of my board and I fixed my GoPro camera at the nose of the board. I hit the record button and started to paddle out towards the swells. It was perfect out today, waves were really topelling over. I looked over at Will and J and they were looking at the waves.
    "Boys get ready for the most gnarly surf and wicked fun surf ever."
    " Hell yeah!" Will screamed out.
A wave came and I ducked dived under it, I came up and flicked my head to the left to get all the water out of my face. We got pretty far out and sat up on our boards.
    "Hey Will, I gotta be in at four."
    "Okay, why?"
    "Got a date tonight. I`ll tell you about it tomorrow."
We surfed for about an hour and half more and then I had to go in. I paddled in while the boys surfed. I got to the shore and picked my board up and walked up to the road. I was stopped by Calub, another surfer.
    "Hey Ali, shredded everyone`s ass` other there today."
    " Thanks Calub, you going out?"
    " Yeah, what`s good with the waves?"
    " There fast today, be careful. Viscous."
    " My favorite."
    " Text me tonight? I wanna know how it was."
    " Woah Allison Stanford leaving a sesh early? What`s up?"
    " I have a date with someone tonight."
    " Hell, Allison`s going on a date. Call me up after it goes bad. I`ll take you on a good one."
    " Yeah you wish Calub."
    " Yes I do."
    " Don`t forget to text me."
I walked off to my Jeep, I got to it and took my camera off my board and strapped it in. I got in and put my camera in the center console and got my phone. I had a missed call from my mom and a few messages. I decided to call my mom so she knew that I was coming home. I dialed her number and waited a few rings.
    ' Hello.'
    'Hey Mom.'
    ' Oh, hey Hun.. Where you at?'
    ' Went surfing with Will and J, on my way home now, I`ll be home in about ten minutes.'
    ' Okay, see you when you get here. Did you have any plans tonight?'
    ' Yeah, I was asked on a date I guess you can call it.'
    ' Alright, do you know how long you`ll be out.'
 I hung the phone up and set it in the passenger seat with my camera and backed up and started driving home. I put the windows down and blasted the music until I pulled into my driveway and opened up the garage. I grabbed my camera and phone and set it down on my table in the garage and went back and grabbed my board, I set it against the wall and locked my jeep and went into the house. I walked in and to the living room where my mom and brother were.
    " Hey."
My mom turned around and looked at me and smiled.
    " Hey hunny."
    " Hey, I`m gonna go to take a shower, I`ll be back down after."
She nodded and I started climbing the stairs. I opened my door to my room and took my bathing suit off and threw it into my hamper and went into my bathroom. I turned the knob to hot and waited for the water to heat up. I got in and I shaved my legs and shampooed and conditioned my hair. Once I got out I wrapped my towel around me and walked into my closet, I didn`t know weather to dress fancy or casual so I texted Harry.
    " Casual or fancy?"
    "Casual. Be there in thirty minutes."
    " Okay, see you then."
I went back into my closet and got a pair of shorts and a v-neck, I went back into the bathroom and blow dried and then straightened my hair. I put some mascara on. I slid on my brown sandals and grabbed my purse and slid my phone into it. I had about 10 minutes til he was here. I walked in my bathroom and sprayed some perfume on and then went downstairs. I sat on the couch with my mom and watched TV.
    " So Ali, who you going on a date with?"
    " A boy named Harry."
    " Oh nice."
    I nodded and looked at my brother who was on his phone.
    "Hey Mikey."
He nodded and continued whatever he was doing on his phone.
    " Nice talk."
 My phone then binged and it was a text from Harry saying he was here.
    " Bye mom, Harry`s here."
    " He isn`t coming to the door? This boy must be dumber then a sack of bricks."
    " Mom he`s not. Bye."
I walked out of my house and down the drive way. He had a monstrously huge night black F-350. I opened the door and climbed my 5`1 body onto the seat. I looked at him and smiled and he just slightly smiled back.
    " What`s wrong? Do I not look good?"
    " Nothing and you look beautiful babe."
    " What`s with babe?"
    " You`re my babe now. Problem with that?"
    " Nope."
 He started to drive down the street and he took one hand off the steering wheel and set it on my thigh.
    "Ali, i`m glad we are doing this."
    " What? Going on a date?"
    " Yes."
     He turned his attention back to the road. He drove down a lot of back roads and he stopped. We reached our destination at a drive-in movie theater, he parked and reached behind to the back seats and got blankets/
    " There`s pillows, can you get them?"
    " Yeah."
 I reached behind and grabbed about 6 pillows. We got out and went to the back of his truck and he dropped the tailgate. He put two blankets down and then threw the pillows up the the front of the bed. I jumped up onto the tailgate and crawled to the pillows, Harry followed me right after.
    " So what movie are  we seeing?"
    " I don`t know honestly."
 He chuckled and pulled me closer to him. The lights around us dimmed and the movie started. It was Dolphin Tale 2 which was one of my favorite movies.

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