How far would you go for someone you love?


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    I was awoken on my first day of my last year of high school. I was 18 and ready to be done with high school and start college. My mom came through my door and told me to get up, God knows if she didn`t come tell me that I really never would wake up. I slung my feet over to the side of my bed and looked at myself in my long body length mirror. i took my long brunette hair a hold and wrung all the water out after I had spent time in the shower letting hot water rain over me. I wrapped a towel around my body and stepped back into my room. Walking over to my closet doors and opening them, I pulled out a pair of shredded jeans and a white v-neck. I grabbed my socks and slipped my white converse on my feet. I brush through my hair and grabbed my backpack and made my way down the stairs and grabbed a water from the fridge and said bye to my mom and got in my Jeep.
    Once I got to school I had to go to the front office to get my class schedule.
    "Hi, I never came to get my schedule and i need it."
She nodded and asked for my name, which I gave her and then she printed the paper out and handed it to me. I walked out while looking at the paper *bump* I fall to the ground and begin to search for the unfamiliar face of whom I bumped into.
    "I`m so sorry!"
i look at his face, so chilled and perfect. He looked at me and smiled.
    "it`s really okay, are you new? I`ve never seen you before."
I smile and shake my head no, I gather my things and bag from the ground and stand up. He places his hand out and I shake it.
    " I`m Ali, I`m a senior." He looked a bit confused.
    " I`m Harry, I`ve never seen you before. All 4 years I`ve been here."
    " Well Harry hopefully you will be seeing more of me." He nodded and I walked away.
    I put Harry out of my head and continued walking down the hall and around the corner. I saw my best friend, Will. I walked over to him and gave him a hug. Will and I have been friends since i was 9 and he was 10. I live right next to him, I would of been with him this summer but he went to Africa on a surfing trip.
    " Hey Will, how was Africa?"
    " So liberating!"
    " Meet any girls?"
    " Maybe."
    " What`s her name? Her age? Where is she from?"
    " Jessica, 18, and South Africa, down by J-Bay."
    "Is this going to be an excuse to go back down there?"
    " Probably." He laughed.
    " Ali, surf sesh after school with J?"
    " Yes, I`m in dire need of one!"
    He nodded and the first bell rang, Will and I had the same classes besides 2nd and 6th. We left our group of friends and walked to class. We had AP French first, we agreed in 8th grade we`d take french for one year and we ended up excelling in it so now we are in the highest level French class there is. We were sitting in our seats waiting for the teacher to come in.
    French went by quickly, she just talked about what we will be doing this year and the trip to France in the end of the year. I walked down three halls to the science hall for vet four. When I got into the class the teacher made everyone stand on the left side of the room. I stood there as she called names out in alphabetical order for seats. As she was calling names and heads were disappearing down the sea of students I saw him. The familiar face, looking at the teacher waiting for his name to be called.
    " Allison Stanford.... Alison...." My gazing ended shortly when he looked over at me.
    "Allison!" I looked at my teacher and she looked annoyed (which seems to be her usual face). She motioned me over to the seat that was mine which was the first seat in the very last  row in the back of the room. I walked over there and sat down.
He raised his hand and she motioned next to me. I moved my backpack to in front of me. He sat down and I pulled my phone out of my bag and texted Will.
    ' What`s wrong?'
    ' I`ll explain after school..'
    ' Okay, don`t die please.'
    "Allison, phone!" My teacher yelled.
I sllid my phone back into my bag and looked around the room.
    " You know it isn`t smart to text during school."
I looked over art Harry and he laughed.
    " Why`s that?"
    " Because you should be learning."
He looked at me dead in the eye`s and it went so deep into my soul I felt violated and that he knew every thing about me. His piercing green eye`s were almost like an electric green.
    "That`s a fulfilling point you make."
I looked back at the teacher and laughed.
    "What`s so funny?"
He asked, I opened my mouth to talk but then we were told to be quite. I pulled a piece of paper and a pen out and started to write.
    ' You; you puzzle me.' I slid the paper to him with the pen and he soon returned it.
    ' How do I puzzle you?'
    'Just do.'
I slid it back to him but he read it and just slid it back to me. he dug thru his bag and pulled his phone out. He moved his thumbs around and then set the phone in front of me. It was a text message but it had no sending place.
    ' Let me puzzle you even more. Tonight, I`ll pick you up at 5.'
I didn`t know why he wanted to take me out. i deleted the text and started to type.
    'Make it 6 and we got a deal.'
I gave his phone back to him and I could see him smirk and start typing.
    ' 5206 32nd ave w.'

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