Battle of the Bands

Two bands, one competition 8 people, 4 girls, 4 boys. 5 weeks, 10 performances. 4 rooms. One Hotel. Will it change everything?


1. Prolouge

                                                                              Kara's POV

I try to adjust myself on the chair. "Hello." Stephen Says. "Hello." Haley Says. "Hi." Mia Says. "Hey." Paris Smiles. "Oh, hi." I Say smiling. "So how are you girls today?" Stephen Asks? "Tired." Paris Says."I hear ya. Are you girls working on any new music?" Stephen Asks? "Yeah we are actually. Some new things for our upcoming album." Mia Says. "I've heard about that. What kind of things should we be expecting from you girls?" Stephen Asks? "Really meaningful lyrics." I Say. "Wonderful." Stephen Says.




"So we should sign up for battle of the bands." Paris Says. "Why the idea?" I Ask? "To prove we're good musicians." Paris Says smiling. "People already know that." Mia Says. "Exactly." Haley Says. "I don't think it's a good idea. We're already exhausted." I Say. "C'mon Kara!" Haley Says. 


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