The Stepfather


1. The beggining



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August 1, 2015

The day I most hated had finally come, my mothers wedding. I could not believe she had found "love" so early just after a year of my fathers death.

This is ridiculous. 

To make matters worse its a man 10 years younger then her, way to go mom. For all I know he's only in all this just because of our money.

Suddenly there was a knock at my rooms door and in came in Carmen maid who was been working here, ever since my dad was a little.

"Lady Allison everyone is waiting for you downstairs, ready to go to the reception." She informed me standing closely to the door.

"Tell them I will not attend such wedding." I told her not even taking a glance at her, all I need is remained seated by the window. 

A few minutes later my mother walked into my room wearing a beautiful white dress, her hair was nicely up and her makeup was nicely toned.

"You look beautiful." I complimented her as she took a seat in front of me.

"Allison were about to leave, we have to hurry unless you want the bride to be late."

That wouldn't be so bad. Have Harry worry even just for a while sounds perfect to me!

I remained silent.

"Listen Allison I know you are mad but please join me in this wonderful day, I would love to have my daughter beside me." she spoke to me placing her hands on mine, taking hold of them.

I looked her straight in the eyes and asked her a question "Do you not love father anymore?"

"Allison we have gone trough this a thousand times! Of course I love him and he will always hold a place in my heart."

"If you loved him then you wouldn't be marrying someone else!" I protested and stood breaking our hold of hands.

"I am not able to be happy?" Her voice taking a change of tone, scared me a bit.

"Of course! But why so soon!" I complained to her hoping she would give a good answer. 

"The heart commands your feelings, and one is not able to change that. No matter how hard you try." she answered me her tone suddenly becoming soft. 

Still it wasn't enough to change my mind. 

"I will not be attending your wedding mother" I simply said to her and took a seat back by the window. 

"What do you mean you will not be attending my wedding?! Of course you are." she instructed me raising her voice. 

"No Im not! You cant make me." I spat at her crossing my arms.

"I am your mother and you will do as I say." 

"Mother or not my mother, I will not be part of something I do not approve of." my mother took a deep sigh and walked over to me.

"I know you are not so fond of the Idea but will you please be there, for me? It would break my heart if you of all people weren't there." 

I breathed in deeply and agreed, for her but that is it. I would not like to have a fight with my mother, and especially not today.

She kissed me and thanked me and said another few words that would have started another argument but I holed myself back.

"I know it might be hard for you to understand but when you grow up it will all make sense." then soon enough we were on our way to the reception. 

I hope this ceremony goes by fast.

Moments Later 

The ceremony had come to an end and now the party had just begun, we were only a few moments in and I already wanted to leave. 

Yes thats exactly what I was going to do, I need to leave now. I stood from the table of honor where I sat next to my mother, excusing myself to the restroom. 

As soon as I was out of sight I slipped out of the ballroom and made my way out the back, where our driver was parked. 

There I ran into Harry. What bad luck I have.

"Allison what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be inside." 

"Shouldn't you be with your bride, what are you even doing outside?" I asked trying to have him avoid asking me more questions. 

"I brought food to the chaffers that are outside." he explained to me. "Well hurry up and get inside you don't want to miss out on the cake." he patted my head, smiled and headed inside.

He better not touch me again.

"Bruce please take me home." I tell our driver and get it as he turns on the car and we are headed home.

It was not long before I arrived home and I headed straight to my room, there I soon changed into my pjs and turned on the tv. 

Hours passed and my mother had still not returned, she must be having an amazing time with her new husband. 

Soon midnight came and voices started to be heard from the house entrance, I walked out of my room quietly and took a look from the stairs.

"Alright this is everything Mrs.Victoria" I heard Carmen say placing a suit case with the rest.

"Thank you Carmen, Is Allison in her room?" I hurried to my room when I heard her ask, and continued to watch enough.

Minutes later there was a knock at the door and there my mother was, walking over to my bed placing a tray to the side.

"I brought you some cake."

"Thank You." I answered her and started to flip trough the channels.

"Why did you leave?" she asked, I don't know why she even bothers when she knows why.
I ignored her question and continued to look at the tv.

"Alright, well I came to say goodbye."

"Goodbye, have a safe trip." I told her not even bothering to give her a goodbye hug or kiss. She took this as a cue and stood walking slowly to the door.

"Goodnight" was her last word to me before leaving out the door to enjoy her honeymoon. 



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