Girl Power (소녀 힘)

Five friends YoonJi, SolBi, MiHyun, SuBin, and JungHwa want to start their own KPOP group and become idols. The friends are accepted into a company, but on one condition -JungHwa has to leave the group. The girls decide to debut without JungHwa to not risk losing their dream. However, Junghwa wasn't finished with them just quite yet...
Read Girl Power( 소녀힘) to find out what happens next!


1. Chapter One

“Hurry up! The audition is about to start. SolBi, your makeup is fine. MiHyun, stop spinning or you’ll pass out. SuBin, breathe. YoonJi, try to look alive.” JungHwa said. 

“We’re just nervous! This is such a huge audition. If we make it, we’ll be huge.” MiHyun said while attempting to stop spinning, “we’re going to go insane if we just sit in a chair waiting.” JungHwa rolled her eyes. 

“Okay girls, it’s your turn.” The stage manager said. The girls all looked at each other. 

“This is it” they whispered.  The girls walked onto the stage. The bright lights hit them as they got into position. SolBi in front, as the visual, had all eyes on her. YoonJi stood behind her, preparing to slide out on her first line. Since she was the main vocalist and had most of the lines, she had to be front and center while she sang. Behind YoonJi, stood MiHyun, the main dancer. She could also sing, but dancing was her favourite, being on stage dancing to a beat was thrilling. In the back were SuBin and JungHwa, both supporting singers and dancers. Not the best at either, but definitely needed. They were performing a cover of Girls’ Generation’s ‘Genie’, so great dancing and lots of voices were needed. 

The beat of the song started and SolBi looked into the crowd. Screaming inside, she could not wait until YoonJi slid out from behind her. Finally, the beats leading up to YoonJi’s first line came. SolBi could hear YoonJi getting ready for her first line. Then it came, YoonJi slid out and sang. MiHyun, SuBin and JungHwa spun around and began the dance routine. SolBi strutted to the back of the dancers. Their moves corresponded with the music and the dancers made way for SolBi to come through. She strutted back to the front and sang her part. The chorus was coming. MiHyun began her way to the centre of the stage. The chorus had her favourite dance moves. The next parts of the song flew by. The bridge of the song was coming up. This is when SuBin and JungHwa took center stage. SolBi stood behind them, easily visible while YoonJi and MiHyun danced to SuBin and JungHwa’s singing. After the bridge, came the chorus again. The song was already two thirds complete. The hardest part of the routine was coming up.  Everyone but YoonJi began dancing. YoonJi began her big solo. The others danced their hearts out and sang in the background as YoonJi stood off to the side. This moment was what they worked so hard for. Finally, the closing lines came. The song was over and the girls ended in their poses. 

They quickly got off the stage after the lights went out. “I can’t breathe” said MiHyun. “It was the best feeling in the entire world. I thought I would be exhausted but I have more energy than before.” MiHyun started tearing up. SolBi hugged her. They all regained their breath and walked back to their dressing room.  

JungHwa was drained. All their afterschool and weekend practices had come down to this. The other girls could not stop smiling while she looked particularly unpleasant. She knew what was next. The judge was going to come in and tell them if they were going to be signed a record deal with their agency. They had applied to other agencies before and were turned down, so JungHwa did not have much hope for this one. She wasn’t as in love with singing and dancing as her friends; she just didn’t want to be left out. She found the constant practicing for this audition to be annoying; she wanted to have a life. Early that morning she had promised herself that if they were turned down again, she was done. 

They all changed out of their performance clothing and got prepared to hear the news. They felt that this was their strongest audition yet and they were determined to get it this time. They could hear the other groups perform, many of them were great. Could they top them and be in the new top three groups to debut? The last performance finished 30 minutes ago. Results would be coming any minute now. 

    As soon as YoonJi started to relax, the judge entered the room with the results. “I’m pleased to tell you that you did very well, although, I would like to speak with you each individually. The girls all looked at each other. What was going on? “YoonJi first please” the judge said. She got up from her seat and stiffly walked into the other room. 

    The judge allowed YoonJi in first and closed the door behind her. They both took a seat by the desk. “To put you at ease, I’ll tell you we are going to sign your group.” YoonJi let out her long breath, a huge weight had been lifted off of her shoulders. “But…” But? That was not a good sign, YoonJi thought. “We have a bit of a problem.” 

    “What’s the problem?! We’ll do whatever we can to fix it.” YoonJi replied; worry clearly showing in her voice.

    “I’m afraid this problem is not something you want to take lightly. It may take you all a few days to decide what you want.”

    “Well, what it is it?” YoonJi got even more uncomfortable. What could be so bad?

    “The company will only sign your group and work with you if you do it without JungHwa.” The judge’s face was dead serious. 

    “W-What? Why?” 

    “She’s just not KPOP material. She has the least amount of talent in the group and she doesn’t really add anything to the performance. SuBin is already a supporting singer/dancer. Why would you need more than one?” YoonJi could still not believe this. Being a group without JungHwa? 

    “How did you choose to keep SuBin over JungHwa? I thought we were all equal?” 

    “We chose to keep SuBin because she can dance very well and a supporting singer is always needed. JungHwa was good, but not as good as SuBin. Unfortunately, in KPOP groups, equality is not always the agency’s priority. There will always be the best and the worst in a group, whether you like it or not. I’m sorry I had to break the news to you. I know deciding to go on or not without JungHwa will be a tough decision.” YoonJi sat back in her chair. How could they do this? This was the closest they had ever come to actually making it. Would the other girls give up JungHwa to achieve their dream? 

    “I obviously can’t make the decision all by myself, so I guess we’ll talk about it as a group afterwards.” YoonJi replied shakily. 

    “When you leave, please go into the room next door so the other girls don’t ask what happened. I would like to tell them myself.” YoonJi nodded and left the room. She sat on the sofa in the room next door and she could hear the judge speaking with MiHyun. 

    What’s going to happen when she talks with JungHwa? YoonJi thought.

    A couple minutes later, MiHyun came to sit with YoonJi. Her face was plagued with disappointment. She plopped onto the couch and turned to YoonJi. “How could they do this?” she asked. 

    “I don’t know! JungHwa is important to the group no matter what she does. How will only having one supporting singer/dancer make our group any better? We all work together to be the best we can be.” YoonJi could still not believe what just happened. Getting rid of JungHwa? 

    “She said that JungHwa was not “KPOP material.” She’s still great though. If they’re not happy with her, can’t they train her? That’s what they do with everyone else.” 

    “Did the judge tell you that none of us are equal?”     

    “Yeah! We’re just friends. How could they separate us and then tell us who is the best? It’s not fair to any of us. We’re just a group of teenage girls having fun and seeing if our biggest passion can become our career.” At that moment, SolBi entered the room. Her facial expression was not sad or disappointed, it was angry. 

    “I don’t want to talk about it.” She said sternly.  YoonJi, MiHyun and SolBi sat in silence waiting for SuBin and JungHwa to enter. No one knew what was going to happen when JungHwa entered, let alone the next five minutes. 

    When JungHwa entered the room, everyone looked up. Her face showed no expression. Stern, serious; no feelings were being shown. She sat down on one of the chairs and faced the others. “Do you know?” she asked. They nodded in unison. She sighed. “Well, I guess I should be going then. They wanted to discuss more of your debut with you.” MiHyun was lost for words. I want to say something, but I don’t know what to say. She’s already heading for the door. 

    “Bye, JungHwa.” YoonJi muttered. The other girls waved goodbye gently. 

    JungHwa looked back and bitterly replied with “See ya.”

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