About a girl who parents die in a car accident and her boyfriend had to mouve away for a year. Her struggle to keep this secret from everyone is to much.


1. Goodbye Ollie

The sunset graceful, lovely and beautiful. Warmth came over Lesley. A strong soft hand rubbing her shoulder as if to say everything is going to be okay. Tears trickle down her face a lump in her throat. Lesley's heart was breaking more and more ever minute. A soft deep voice broke the silence.

“Please don’t cry Lesley. We will be together soon.”

More tears her voice trembling reply

“I know Ollie but still.”

How is a year soon? I know he has to go but it doesn’t make it any easier.  

The fear that he will meet someone and fall in love is never going to go away. What if……. all my fear comes true and I never see him again. I need to stop thinking like that I have faith in him. 


A couple of days later the worst thing ever to happen to Lesley both her parents die in a car accident. Her aunt was unable to look after Lesley so she was put in the carer systerm.

"Listen Lesley I know this is hard for you but you got to know that we are here for you." 

"If you're here for me then why don't you look after me why do I have to go off and live with strangers!" 




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