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Albert Hewitt is fed up with his rebellious daughter Eliza. The final straw comes when Eliza gets expelled from her exclusive school. Albert has had enough. He decides to teach her a lesson. A good friend of Albert’s offers a place for Eliza to stay, a place where strict rules are in place and young women must learn their place. Albert assumes he is sending his daughter away to a finishing school. Unwillingly Albert sends Eliza into one of the strictest Cults in the country. Eliza finds herself in an unfamiliar place, with strange rules and even stranger people. She has been given a new name, a new wardrobe and strict commandments to live by. She is scared of her new surroundings, but one question remains hot on Eliza’s mind… Why her Father sent her here.
(The amazing cover was made by Narcy)


5. Eliza

I was still in shock. I could not believe what I had done. I had blown it now; I was going to be in such serious trouble. I was sure my Father was going to kill me, he would be so angry at me.

A part of me was glad, a small part of me thought it would be a good thing. Maybe he would pay me some attention now. Maybe he would stop paying Annabelle and James so much attention and start thinking about me for once.

I had my bag and my coat; I slung them over my arm.

I made my way out of the school corridor. I walked a bit quicker, I was scared, scared of what was going to happen. I began running, I ran straight into Sister Yvonne. She was in charge of the school’s day to day runnings. She took notes on the behaviour and then reported back to the Head Nun, the dreaded Sister Maria. A straight laced, no nonsense woman with military stance.

Sister Maria was in charge of the girl’s side of the school, in a way she was the Head Mistress but that was not her title. I think she would have preferred the title Madam.

“Are you alright?” Sister Yvonne asked. She saw the tears running down my face. “Miss Hewitt?” she asked again. I tried to push past her but she caught hold of my arm. “Eliza,” she said sternly.

I liked Sister Yvonne, she was strict but fair, she was always fair. She had looked out for me when my Mother died, she said it wasn’t my fault and she made sure I was comfortable. She spoke to my Father, they came to an arrangement that I would live at school for a few days a week. Our school wasn’t a boarding school, at least the girl’s half wasn’t. The boy’s half was a boarding school and most of the boys did board, that’s where I stayed, I stayed in a spare room in one of the boy’s dormitories. I hated it there, I missed my homes so much, I missed Father and Brandy, Annabelle wasn’t around then. My Father does have some respect for my Mother; he waited a whole year before remarrying.

I only stayed for a few months, not permanently; I came home at the weekends. I couldn’t bear to be away from home for long.

But that was five years ago. My Father has moved on, I should move on as well.

“Are you alright?” she asked again, I could see that unlike Sister Sophia, Sister Yvonne was not going to let me not answer her.

“I called Sister Sophia a cow, I was rude to her, I disrupted her lesson and I was not listening to her as she was teaching! I’m so sorry,” I wept.

I have worked out, in times like this, it is best to break down in tears. Being upset often worked better than anger or denial. Breaking down meant they would give me sympathy.
I was the problem child, the one who was broken beyond fixing; I might as well act it.    
Sister Yvonne looked blankly back at me; she did not know what to say.

“Is that true?” she asked in disbelief. I nodded slowly. “Oh Eliza, what have you done?” she shook her head. “I am going to have to refer this to Sister Maria, you know this don’t you?”
I nodded slowly.

“And your Father will have to be informed.” I told her he was in London.

“Your step-mother will have to come into school and collect you, or send someone to pick you up.”

“Am I going to be excluded?” I asked.

Sister Yvonne purser her lips “There is a possibility you are going to be expelled.”

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