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Albert Hewitt is fed up with his rebellious daughter Eliza. The final straw comes when Eliza gets expelled from her exclusive school. Albert has had enough. He decides to teach her a lesson. A good friend of Albert’s offers a place for Eliza to stay, a place where strict rules are in place and young women must learn their place. Albert assumes he is sending his daughter away to a finishing school. Unwillingly Albert sends Eliza into one of the strictest Cults in the country. Eliza finds herself in an unfamiliar place, with strange rules and even stranger people. She has been given a new name, a new wardrobe and strict commandments to live by. She is scared of her new surroundings, but one question remains hot on Eliza’s mind… Why her Father sent her here.
(The amazing cover was made by Narcy)


11. Abigail

The weather outside was rather pleasant, I longed to go outside and sit in the garden but I knew Father would be home soon with Eve and Marcus; I would have to wait until his arrival. It is most likely that he will be in a jolly mood after the service and that he will want to eat supper in the dining room together, as a family.

I returned up the stairs, I was going in search of Hannah and Delilah. When Father returned he liked it if all of his children were stood waiting for his return and that is what we did. It did not matter how long we were stood there for, we had to wait for Father to return.

I heard the front door go. Footsteps came pounding up the stairs, I knew they were not my Father’s in an instant; Father was never in a hurry. There was nowhere that important that he had to go, he walked at a more leisurely pace.

Eve ran straight into me.

“Watch where you are going!” she exclaimed. I was about to protest my innocence when she shot me a glare. “Where are the girls?” she asked.

“I was just going looking for them, I knew you, and Father and Marcus would be home soon.”

“Well you had better hurry up; he will be home in any second.”

“Then why did you-” my question was interrupted by the doorbell. Eve looked at me and I looked back. It was Father!

“Hannah!” “Delilah!” we shouted. We hurried the dazed girls down the stairs just as Father was storming past.

Marcus was trailing close behind him. He had a concerning look of worry on his face.
I looked at Father, he was angry, I could tell instantly. But I did not know what about, and a part of me did not want to know.

“Get out of my way!” Father shouted. It was clear he wanted to get up the stairs.
We quickly moved so our backs were flat against the wall and Father could get past us.

Hannah, Delilah and I stood on the bottom of the stairs in shock. We had seen Father angry before but he had never ventilated such anger onto his children. He never did.

I noticed Eve look over at Marcus, she was biting her bottom lip; she only did this when she was nervous, very nervous. Marcus made a quick motion of raising a cup to his lips. Eve nodded back at him.

Eve stated that she was going to make Father a drink.
Hannah and Delilah were still a little confused but they had returned to whispering together and playing some childish game with their plaited hair.

Marcus motioned his head, I assumed for me to go to him and speak privately, I stepped down the few stairs until I was on the ground.

He pulled my arm gently, tugging me in tight to him.

“Take the girls upstairs,” he whispered. I saw him glance over at our younger sisters who were playing oblivious to their surroundings.

“Why?” I asked.

“I don’t want them around to see Father in this way, he is very angry.” He explained. I knew he was right, Father was in a bad way, but it was most out of character, perhaps that is what made it so frightening.

“He will miss them at dinner.” I reminded him. The thought of my Father exploding into a fit of fury upon discovering his missing daughter from supper made my blood run cold.

“I will tell them they ate earlier and that they are tired after a long day, he will not ask questions, he is too distressed to.” He sighed. I was going to protest that this would only make him angrier at the thought of his children eating without him but Marcus sighed loudly. “It will not make him angrier,” he said reading my thoughts.

“And what shall I do?” I asked naïvely. “Should I go and see Father?”
Marcus sniggered loudly, then he saw my face, I was being serious. “You are joking, aren’t you?” he frowned when he knew I wasn’t. “You,” he said placing his hand on my shoulder gently. “You can take yourself to bed as well; I will have someone bring you all up some supper.”

“I am not going to bed, my Father needs me!” I exclaimed. “I am not a child Marcus, you cannot hide me away when you worry I am going to get scared!”

Marcus sighed with obvious distaste, I was sure it was not because I was playing up for him, I knew it was because he couldn’t tell me what was happening. He knew I hated being treated like a child, and I knew he hated treating me so. 

“No you are not a child,” he said after a moment’s thought. “But you are my little sister, I am telling you to make yourself scarce for your own sake. You can’t handle Father when he’s in this way. Just go to bed.”

I nodded in submission, there was no way Marcus was going to budge on this matter and we both knew it. I turned around away from him, I was about to walk up the stairs, I stopped. I turned back around to face Marcus.

“You still have not told me what is causing Father this distress.” I reminded him.

“I know I haven’t,” he said quickly. “But I will, I promise, when the time is right you will know.” He spoke softly. Marcus had such a charismatic was of speaking, just like Father did. When he spoke people just listened to him and obeyed his commands. I didn’t want to do as he said but something about the way he said it made me want to do it.

“Alright, I’ll take them to bed now,” I said. "And if it pleases you I shall go as well,"

"It does," he said softly. "It does please me."

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