The Community

Albert Hewitt is fed up with his rebellious daughter Eliza. The final straw comes when Eliza gets expelled from her exclusive school. Albert has had enough. He decides to teach her a lesson. A good friend of Albert’s offers a place for Eliza to stay, a place where strict rules are in place and young women must learn their place. Albert assumes he is sending his daughter away to a finishing school. Unwillingly Albert sends Eliza into one of the strictest Cults in the country. Eliza finds herself in an unfamiliar place, with strange rules and even stranger people. She has been given a new name, a new wardrobe and strict commandments to live by. She is scared of her new surroundings, but one question remains hot on Eliza’s mind… Why her Father sent her here.
(The amazing cover was made by Narcy)


6. Abigail

I sat down in the armchair in the kitchen. I loved it down there, it was always warm and the smell of bread filled the room.

Also I enjoyed spending time with our Cook, her name is Mrs Morrison, and she is such a lovely person. We could sit for hours talking about everything under the sun, from the weather to recipes. I always helped her with the dinner.

Mrs Morrison and the kitchen maids, Poppy and Rosie, were still cooking. I had peeled the potatoes and I had mixed the batter for the batch of biscuits they were making, but I wanted to read the letter and the book that I was given earlier on today.

I was sat down and about to start reading when Mrs Morrison asked if I wanted a drink. I shook my head. I did not like it when they fussed over me, it was embarrassing. I was just a normal girl; I did not want to be cared for, I was not a child. Mrs Morrison asked if I was sure and when I assured her that I was not thirsty she let me carry on in piece.

I picked up the letter; I decided to open that up first. Here we go I thought.

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