The Community

Albert Hewitt is fed up with his rebellious daughter Eliza. The final straw comes when Eliza gets expelled from her exclusive school. Albert has had enough. He decides to teach her a lesson. A good friend of Albert’s offers a place for Eliza to stay, a place where strict rules are in place and young women must learn their place. Albert assumes he is sending his daughter away to a finishing school. Unwillingly Albert sends Eliza into one of the strictest Cults in the country. Eliza finds herself in an unfamiliar place, with strange rules and even stranger people. She has been given a new name, a new wardrobe and strict commandments to live by. She is scared of her new surroundings, but one question remains hot on Eliza’s mind… Why her Father sent her here.
(The amazing cover was made by Narcy)


4. Abigail

“When the Vicar is trying to lead a prayer, Abigail, the proper thing to do is keep still!” Eve snapped.

The ceremony was over and row by row people were filling out of the Church, there were several small parties going on but I wasn’t going to any of them, I had been invited to a few, but my Father said he wanted a private afternoon at home. My older brother and sister had to stay behind and help tidy up but I could walk home with Delilah and Hannah. Father had decided to stay behind and talk to some of his friends from the Church.

I was about to leave with them but before I went; Eve had to have one last dig at me.

“Try and act a little more respectful Abigail, you would not want to end up going to hell, would you?” she snapped before turning her head, with a flick of her head and marching back inside.

It was unusual to see Eve with her hair lose; normally girls were required to cover their heads. It was the respectful thing to do; it ensured our modesty remained intact. But on celebration days such as today girls were allowed to wear their hair down. It was something Eve did not like doing, but she did it anyway.

I was going to say something back to Eve but I thought better of it, there was no use angering her even more. With my envelope and booklet clutched in my hands, I searched the Church yard for my two sisters.

They were playing hopscotch with a few other girls. Their matching dresses were perfect; their hair was tied in neat ribbons. I looked proudly as I saw the dresses that I had so lovingly made for them being used. Even though they were not twins they always chose to dress alike. Hannah was nine years old and Delilah was coming up to seven years.

Eve and Marcus both loved their sisters but normally it was me who looked after them. Marcus was too busy helping Father, one day Marcus was going to be on the board helping to run the Community and Eve, well Eve just wasn’t very good with children. She was too strict and most of them found her frightening.
I walked over to where the children were playing; their parents were stood close to them talking to each other, it was one of the rules that children were not allowed to be left unattended, it was dangerous. Children under ten should be under supervision at all times.

“Abbey,” Hannah exclaimed as soon as she saw me. I lifted my hand that was not carrying my paperwork and waved my hand at them. All the other girls smiled and waved back at me.

“Hello,” I smiled. Delilah rushed over and hugged my legs; she was very small; she barely came up to my waist. “We need to go home now girls,” I said. I knew this would upset them a bit, but you were also not allowed to stand around the streets, it made the Community look messy.

“Oh no!” all the girls moaned in unison.

“I know, I know,” I said. “I’m sorry, but you know what Father is like. We should be going home. All of you should be heading home now,” I said.

“Fine,” they sighed. Delilah took hold of my hand. Hannah waited a few seconds more to say goodbye to her friends, they were her friends. She waved at Katy, Lilly, Anne and Jennifer; she then hugged her best friend Molly. I waited for her, she was close with Molly, she was her best friend, and they had practically grown up together.

When our Mother died Molly was there for Hannah, she made her feel safe. It was a good friendship, one that I was ashamed to admit, I was jealous of.

When Hannah was finished we walked home together. I held Delilah in one hand and she held onto Hannah with her hand.

When I got home I was going to read through my book. Well after I had made dinner and changed the girls back into their normal clothes.

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