Born To Die

17 year old Lana Del Ray is becoming a rising pop star in Sydney Australia. She even won her first award ! What happens when Ashton from 5SOS starts to gain feelings for her

note: Lana Del Ray is younger in this story, she is suicidal and she cuts, so does Ashton.


2. 1. Lana

Lana's P.O.V


I still can't believe my song "Born To Die" is number 1 on the charts ! It's still mind blowing to me ! I just don't get how I'm so "famous" because it was just me singing randomly while my sister was recording me. But i told her not to post it ! But of course she had to do the opposite and post it. But I should really thank her because I wouldn't be famous if it wasn't for her.

My mom said that I was supposed to be expecting a letter, but she won't tell me what that letter is about or who it's fun so now im kinda curious! "Ugh, mom just tell me what the letter is about". My mom could tell that I was obviously iterated but she just kept on giving me little chuckles. "I'm sorry but you will have to wait until tomorrow for the letter to come" my mom chuckled.

Fine I said finally giving up. I went upstairs and changed into my bikini because I wanted to go to the hot tub. When I got there I gently got in and took a little nap. But the. I woke up to a tap on my shoulder. "Lana, Lana wake up, Lana it's me Josh" I quickly woke up sweating and out of breath. "What the- oh hey Josh" I said realizing who it was.

"Sorry, did I wake you princess ?" Josh always called me princess when we where toddlers. "No no you're fine, but how did you get over that huge fence?" I then saw a rope dangling from the fence. "Nevermind then". For the rest of the day Josh and I talked until my mom called me to come in.

I went upstairs and showered and brushed my teeth. I got into bed and twist and turned thinking about that stupid letter that my mom was talking about. Is it that important that she can't even tell me about it ? As I thought about all this I fell into a deep sleep......


Hello it's the author, Hope you guys liked this chapter. I know it's boring but in the next chapter Lana's gonna get the letter !!! 😱😱😱😱

Comment down below what you think the letter is about!


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