Doe-Eyed Dolls

Strange writings from a strange girl. Just something I came up with about a doll how has a dark past, but isn't evil or going to kill people. I think. And it's in a weird first/third person thing.


1. Toy Store

On a shelf, there is a doll with creamy porcelain skin, large dewy green eyes, and rosy red lips. Look into those dewy eyes and see, see that all the doll has more than innocence and purity. You see a shattered soul, more than just a pair of doe-like eyes. There is a voice, the voice of a small, scared girl. You see the small scared little girl, asking, no, begging for help. Screaming, Help me. But what to help you do not know. You look around the small toy shop and are met by the sight of more dolls on shelves, empty expressions. You look back at the doll with her seemingly blank green eyes, and you see a spark, a glint, a flash, of what you do not know, but it is there. You shake your head at your silly imaginings and wander about the toy shop once more, occasionally sneaking a glance at that one doll. You see faded colors, lace, and other such. You hear the click of the old antique cash register, and suddenly notice the old shop owner standing behind the counter, you study him for a moment, then turn to look back at the doll that has transfixed you. You make eye contact with the living doll and stare into her shiny green orbs. You see a living hell. Fire, and ash, tears and blood. I life of abuse, hate, and neglect. Cracked porcelain, ripped seams. Death, fear, hate, sorrow. You wonder this doll's past, not noticing the doll itself seemed to give a weak smile, and whisper help. You are too caught up in everything to notice, but someone does.

The shop owner sighed, and said “My dear boy, it is closing time, and if you are not going to buy something, I will have to ask you to leave”


You look at the beautiful doll and ask quietly “How much?”


He replies,”Boy, you don’t want that doll, that doll is cracked, and old, she is no use to anyone, yet I cannot bear to throw her away.”

You breathe,”No, she is perfect” You finally convince the old man to tell you the price. You could tell he tried to persuade you against the doll by pricing the beautiful doll at five-hundred, but you gladly paid. He wrapped her in paper and put her into a box. He told you no returns. You were too transfixed with the pretty doll to notice. You left and went home and unwrapped the pretty doll.   

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