A fair commoner!

Grok has found himself in a predicament. As a highly respected member of the Eastern District, he has encountered what could only be a member of the Western District. He must approach the man and question his intentions. But can he do so without giving away his identity and losing his life?


1. A fair commoner!

I glared inextricably towards the peculiar man, highly suspicious of his physical appearance and what I assumed to be, his true personality. He was a young, sleek, European man, perhaps in his early 20s, pompously wearing a top-hat and lavish suit, also speaking so eloquently and fluently in the local language to the passing commoners rather than his own. I had been gazing upon him for the previous five minutes, and I must say, he is most definitely from the Western District. No doubt that it. He seemed to ignore me as I monitored him like a vicious beast after its prey, with the exception that he was a fearless man, devoid of emotion and weakness. Reluctantly, I stood up and walked towards him, acting as though I was a commoner who came from an impoverished section of the Eastern District. He closed his eyes as I approached, tilting his head so as to avoid communication. Had my one and only attempt failed?

“Dear Sir, if I am permitted to speak, from what area of this district do you belong?” questioned the man, whose facial expressions could not be see due to his positioning. Curses! He had me all figured out. Perhaps he had already seen through my motives and sought to turn the situation to his favour. Nevertheless, I was compelled to answer, for any attempt to escape would surely cost me my life. With much impulse, yet great hesitation, the words, “The Inner Party, my good sire”, came blankly out of my mouth. What human folly! Would this be my undoing? How, I have placed myself in such a misfortunate situation!

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