Beside You

He pulled a name out of a hat "Luke Hemmings" he said "and Kassidy Irwin" my eyes went wide.

Find out what this is about in Beside you rated Y. I really hope you like it.


13. She's Awake

I walk out of the room causally. I walk over to everybody else. "She's awake" I say "seriously" cal says "yea she's awake" "Let's go see her" Tay says excitedly. We all walked in "kassidy there's some people to see you" I say we all sit down and talk and laugh. "I'm going to get a nurse now" I say and walk out. I see a nurse as I walk out "excuse me" I say "what can I help you with?" She asked " um Kassidy Irwin in room 346 is awake from her coma" I say "ok I'll be in in a second and we will run some tests" "ok" I say. I walk back in the room with the nurse behind me. Me and ash were allowed to stay in. Nothing was wrong. The bruises kinda faded well the tests were being ran because she is a fast healer. So we walked out of the room. "How about lunch" I say "ok. That would be fun since we didn't get to go on a date" she said

A/N sorry for such a short chapter. If there going for lunch it needs to be a different chapter. Anyways please like favourite and comment. And it is rated yellow so I'll get it happening soon.

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