Beside You

He pulled a name out of a hat "Luke Hemmings" he said "and Kassidy Irwin" my eyes went wide.

Find out what this is about in Beside you rated Y. I really hope you like it.


7. Party

I guess you could say me Luke and everyone else is at a party. I'm not going to drink tonight so I'll just be a normal person. A guy then walk in up to me "what's your name?" He asked "kassidy" I say " your full name" he says "kassidy Irwin" I say again "ok thanks" he said and walked away. That was weird. I grab a beer and I liked it.


It's been an hour and I've have had 1 beer. "Excuse me" a guy said into a microphone "I would like to say that we're doing 7 minutes in heaven. We took the names of everyone at this party and put them in a draw. So we are going to do guys first" he said again. He put his hand in a hat and pulled out a name " Luke Hemmings" he said "and Kassidy Irwin" my eyes went wide I walked to the closet and stood outside. " the twist for this seven minutes in heaven is it's 20 minutes in heaven so have fun" the guy said and pushed us in the closet.

It's only been a minute and nothing has happened. " Soo" Luke said " Luke what are we doing?" I asked " I don't know" he said " I just wanted to tell you that I... Love you" my eyes went wide "what?!?!" I said "yeah" he said. OH MY GOD!!!! He just said he loved me "I love you too Luke" I covered my mouth with my hands. He laughed "Well I guess we found who we need" he said as he grabbed my hand. He leaned into kiss me but then the door opened "ok times up" the guy said we walked out of the closet holding hands. We let go of each other and I went to Tay and he went to his boys. "What happened. Did you guys kiss" she asked "Tay nothing happened, I promise" I say "ok" she said sarcastically.

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