Beside You

He pulled a name out of a hat "Luke Hemmings" he said "and Kassidy Irwin" my eyes went wide.

Find out what this is about in Beside you rated Y. I really hope you like it.


15. Niall

I was watching how I met your mother with Luke and then I heard a knock on the door. I went and answered it "Niall?" I asked shocked "hey babe" he said "Luke I'll be back in In a minute"I say he nods "Niall what are you doing here" I ask "taking you out on a date" he said "Niall I have a boyfriend" "yea that's me" he says "no your not" I say almost yelling "you dumped me by text I'm not getting back together with you. I hate you, ash hates you, Tay hates you because you dumped me by text. Bye Niall" I say and walk inside. I lock the door and sit beside Luke again where I was before. "What was that about" Luke said "uhh nothing it's just nothing" I say. Why does he want me back. Why. He dumped me by text for another girl he met at a party and made out with her. So me and Luke went upstairs and went to sleep.


I woke up and yawned. I noticed I was wrapped in covers wearing no clothes with Luke's arms around me. He wasn't wearing clothes either. What went on last night? I see Luke with his eyes open "morning princess" he said "morning Blondie" I say smiling "what happened last night?" I asked "sex" he said my eyes went wide "seriously" I say "yea seriously" he said. Holy shit me and Luke had sex

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