Beside You

He pulled a name out of a hat "Luke Hemmings" he said "and Kassidy Irwin" my eyes went wide.

Find out what this is about in Beside you rated Y. I really hope you like it.


11. Explain

"So whats going on" I ask as we drive to the hospital "Well it's hard to explain but kassidy was getting her friend Kylie to drive her to your house and then they got in a car crash and all I know is they are at the hospital" ash said. I start driving faster to get to the hospital faster. We finally got there. I ran inside to the front desk "can we get information on Kassidy Irwin?" I ask the nurse "are you family?" She asked "well the curly haired one is her brother, I'm her boyfriend and the other 2 are really close friends" I said "ok" she said "so Kylie is fine but I'm afraid kassidy is in a coma" she said "ok. Can you call us when we are allowed to see her" I said "of course" the nurse said. I sat down in the waiting room and started crying then I heard Tay run in the doors and ran to us "what happened?" She ask "Kassidy is in a coma" Michael said "what!?!" She said sitting down. I noticed Tay was wet. She was probably running in the rain. After a minute I stopped crying.

5 mins later

"I can't wait any longer. How long has it been" I say shaking Tay " it's only been 5 minutes" she said "How long will she be in a coma for? I need to see her" i say.

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