Beside You

He pulled a name out of a hat "Luke Hemmings" he said "and Kassidy Irwin" my eyes went wide.

Find out what this is about in Beside you rated Y. I really hope you like it.


17. 18

2 days later

Kassidy's POV

I woke up realizing tomorrow was my Birthday. It was my 18th birthday. I got really excited. Luke just moved next door with his family. So we could talk through our windows. I quickly texted him to open the window and I opened the window. I saw him open his up, "How does it feel of your last day being 17?" He asked "I was about to ask the same thing"

If your wondering, me and Luke share a Birthday. "It feels weird" he said "I know, already an adult tomorrow"

"I'm gonna come over for breakfast, ok" he said "ok" I said back. We closed the windows and I walked downstairs. Luke then walked into the house. "So you wanna go to Starbucks?" Luke asked "okay" I said. We walked out of the house. He drove to Starbucks.


Me and Luke were sitting outside on the beach. I was texting one of my friends at the same time. "Who ya texting?" Luke asked "just my friend" I said " who?" He asked " her name is Halsey, I think she'd be great for Michael" I said " and she's even coming to my 18th birthday party" I said "Our birthday party" Luke corrected me.

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