Never Again

Kat Hood is 17 years old. She's dating the one and only Harry Styles. She's best friends with his mates, Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Niall, even the 5SOS boys, including her brother Calum. Harry and Kat's relationship goes through twist and turns, but what will happen when one of them wants to give up on what they have, and the other wants to fight for it.

*Note there will be swears so, yeah, heads up*


9. Chapter 8

Kats POV

YESTERDAY LUKE HEMMINGS ASKED ME TO BE HIS GIRLFRIEND. AHHH. I'm so happy. I check my phone and reply to all of the unread messages.


N=Hey Kat. Can we hang today? It's been a while. Bring food...

K= Ni sure thing. I'll brb. Im getting a message from Perrie.

N= Alrightt.


P=Kat. Emergency band meeting. Get ready you sleepy head.

K= How did you know I was awake?

P= Bc it said you read it.... 

K= Duhh, i knew that. I'll be there in a bit.

Luke <3

L= Good morning beautiful (: I have band practice. I'll be back later. The plan was, we all hang out 2 nite. Bye babe.

K= Aww. Morning my prince ;) I have band practice too. Alright, sounds good(Feels good) xoxo


K= Got band practice today, so does 5SOS boys. We are all hanging out today. Catch up with the lads, we haven't talked a lot. Bye Ni. 


K= BYE! 

I jump out of bed and put on a white blouse with blue shorts. I curl my hair a little, grab my bed and head to band practice.


We have a campfire out side in the backyard once everyone is done with their activities. I stand up and grab Lukes hand pulling him with me. "I have an announcement. Me and Luke are officially a couple." I say with a nervous smile. I look over to Luke and see him having a grin across his face. "WHOO YES FINALLY. I KNEW IT. I support it" Says Michael. Then I see Ashton hand Mikey $50. " What? " I ask lost. "Well you see, we kind of bet on you guys, and dating and whatnot. I said you guys would get together by the end of the month, and since its not the end of the month yet... WHOOOOOOOOO. As you see little Mr Ashton Irwin over here thought otherwise. Thanks you guys, see this is why you two are the best." Seconds later we all break into conversations, Harry and Louis chatting, Liam and Zayn, Little Mix band except for me, Mikey chatting or bragging may I add to Ash, Luke heads over to Niall, as I spot Calum, and walk over to him. Me and him hasn't been as close since everything happened. I miss my slightly older brother. Only two months and a day older though.. I pull Cal into a hug and we chat and catch up on things we've missed. I walk away after we decide to go talk to someone else. I start to walk over by Luke, then I see something move behind a surfboard we have laying around. I goto inspect it and behind it is the cutest puppy in the world! I pick him up and run over to Luke. "CAN WE KEEP HIM?" "NO" "PLEASE LUKEYYYY." "FINE." "Yay!" I kiss him and smile into the kiss. We separate and I tell everyone else about my new puppy. Apparently its a boy, so I decide to name him Max. I walk up to bed and fall asleep now cuddling with Max. I swear I heard Luke follow me and say  "Damn this dog is taking my place and everything. He's so much cuter than me..." I cant help but giggle as he says that. "Oh Lukey. I'm leaving you for my little Maxie over here. Finally true love." I joke. "Haha very funny Hood, but it wont be once you find out im better than that little guy." Luke climbs into his own bed, for like the first time this whole trip. 

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