Never Again

Kat Hood is 17 years old. She's dating the one and only Harry Styles. She's best friends with his mates, Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Niall, even the 5SOS boys, including her brother Calum. Harry and Kat's relationship goes through twist and turns, but what will happen when one of them wants to give up on what they have, and the other wants to fight for it.

*Note there will be swears so, yeah, heads up*


8. Chapter 7

Kats POV

Me and Luke are currently hanging out watching TV when he asks "Kat will you go on a date with?" I scream in the inside and quickly reply yes. then I try to act cool, and casual and correct myself by saying, "Oh yeah sure, great okay. How about around 1?" "Sure. Oh and you don't need to wear fancy clothes, just like, your regular ones. " "Alright, thanks, Luke." I look around the house and finally find a clock, it says 11:21. I have 1 hour and 39 minutes, I mean, I just guessed, it's not like I counted or anything.... I sprint up the stairs, and go straight to the bathroom. I grab a towel, and put it on a hook, right outside of the shower.I close the door, and lock it so no one comes in. I strip down and head into the shower. I let the warm water run down my back as I clean my hair and my body, and do whatever else I need to do. I step out of the shower and wrap my towel around me and fast-walk into my room. I put on my underwear and a bra, and walk to my closet to see what i'm going to wear. I find a white lacy crop top, with some light blue high waisted shorts. I also add some bracelets, a necklace and a purse. I run to the bathroom and blow-dry and comb my hair. I let my wavy long brown hair, stay down, and do nothing else to it. I slip on some white converse and wait for Luke. He got ready in another room, since we share a room together, and if we were both sharing while we got ready..oh gosh i'm ranting, am i really that nervous? I find Jesy just wandering the house and I decide to talk to her about the date. "Jesy, i am sooooooo freaked out, what if i say the wrong thing, or act really weirdly, or what if it becomes awkward and none of us start talking, what if he decides he doesn't want to date me, what if he thinks i look ugly, what if h-" I got cut off by Jesy saying "Calm down Kat. Just be yourself. You guys have been best friends for years! Just make it be like when you guys would normally hanging out. I mean sure your crazy and can sometimes get a little wild but... we love that about you, everyone does in fact. If you don't calm down, i'm not afraid to slap you. " "Thank you Jesy. You're the best, I honestly don't know why I got so freaked out. Thanks bitch." I smile at her while we hug. We walk over to the living room and plop down onto the couch. We watch How I Met Your Mother, and within 2 minutes we start cracking up. I feel a tapping on my back, so i turn around and standing there is Lucas Hemmings. "Hey" "Hey. Let's roll." I follow him into the car and I happily hop into the passenger seat as he gets into the driver's seat. I change the radio station to a station with a good song, and She Looks So Perfect comes on. "SHE LOOKS SO PERFECT STANDING THERE IN MY AMERICAN APPAREL UNDERWEAR" Luke sings then winks at me. I sing the next part then, we start talking. I was in the middle of telling him a story about how Cal and I were once snowboarding in our backyard. " And we kept doing these tricks and showing off to each other, then Jake comes out of nowhere and tackles us both to the ground. Then we chased him around the whole neighbor hood till he finally gave up and we jumped on him." And we both crack up laughing. "Alright, close your eyes we are here." "You better not be setting me up for death, Hemmings." "Haha, don't worry. Okay open." I open my eyes and we are at a carnival. "Luke you brought me to a carnival, you are seriously the best." We walk into the carnival and I point to a ride and we go on it. "No getting off now, Hood" I stick my tongue out at him, as we start moving. "AHHHHHHHH" I scream, why the hell did I choose this ride. Luke smashes his lips onto mine. Before I know it the ride is over. "You did that so I wouldn't be as scared. Awww Luke. " "Pfttt, maybe..." I kiss him on the cheek and we both blush. We end up going on a lot more rides, then Luke wins me a giant penguin. I told him he can keep it, since he like obsesses over penguins, but he just told me he wants me to have it. "Hey Kat, there's one more thing... Will you be my girlfriend?" YES YES YES JUST SAY YES. "I would love to Luke." I peck him on the lips, then we drive back to the house, say goodnight to each other, and snuggle together, drifting off to sleep. My last thought is how glad I am that he is mine. 

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