Never Again

Kat Hood is 17 years old. She's dating the one and only Harry Styles. She's best friends with his mates, Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Niall, even the 5SOS boys, including her brother Calum. Harry and Kat's relationship goes through twist and turns, but what will happen when one of them wants to give up on what they have, and the other wants to fight for it.

*Note there will be swears so, yeah, heads up*


5. Chapter 5

Kat's POV

I stood up and laughed nervously

"H-hey Cal, my brother." I gave Luke a look and nodded. He bolted out the door. "WHAT WAS THAT!?" He spats at me. "Well, here's the thing -" we sit down in the lounge and I explain everything. "So your telling me that you want to be with Luke?" "I-I- I don't know. One minute I want Harry back, then another I want someone else. This decision would be so much easier if Taylor Laughter was here, I wouldn't pass him up" he snorts at the last part. I smile. "Lil sis, just be careful I don't want you hurt. If anything happens tell me. " I nod and stand up, pulling him in for a hug. A Star Wars ringtone starts to play and Calum quickly answers his phone. I give him a confused face, but smirking at the same time. Hehe... "Emergency band meeting, see you in a few hours" with that he walks out the door.


I crash down on the couch flipping through channels. I decided on Nickelodeon and see that SpongeBob is on. I grab a bowl of cereal and watch. Perrie, Leigh Anne, Jesy, Jade, Zayn, Liam, Louis, Niall, and Harry come bursting in through the door. "Why are you watching SpongeBob?" Liam asks. "Quiet Payne." I reply. "Oh isn't this the episode where SpongeBob thinks he got fired, but he really didn't so he tries-" "Woah, Tomlinson, slow your roll, I haven't seen this one yet." I see a smirk appear on his face "SPONGEBOB SEARCHES FOR A NEW JOB AND BECOMES A MODEL BUT DOESN'T LIKE IT!" He bursts out singing. I slowly place the cereal on the table. I chase him around the house when we end up in my room. "Your trapped now. MWAHAHAHAHA" I tackle him and hop onto my bed. He jumps on the bed landing right next to me. We watch Mean Girls. By the end of the movie I see I'm cuddled into him. My head is on his chest. A blush appears on my face. "Getting comfy there, aye?" I sit up this time not on him. "Sorry." "It's okay, i kinda liked it. Your a good cuddler" A grin appears on my face. "Ehh. At least I don't drool." I point to the pillow he was on, which was a bit covered in drool. He stands up and starts tickling me. Gosh how does everyone know I'm ticklish. "Say Louis is the most sexiest man of all time." "NEVER! " "Say it!" "Louis stop- please- gosh fine Louis is the sexiest man of all time." He stops tickling me. "I hate you Louis" "But at the same time you love me" He winks at me. I plop onto my bed and say "I'm going to sleep." I feel him climb in beside me. I don't kick him out. I just cuddle into his chest and quickly drift off to sleep.

Luke's POV

I walk into me and Kats shared room and see her and Louis all cuddled up together. Jealously washes over me. I try to shake it off, I climb into bed angrily denying that she likes him. She just told me earlier today that she likes me.




Kat's POV

I wake up to see that Louis is gone and Luke isn't here either. Strange. Last night with Louis was amazing. The way it felt to be there with him. When I was lying on his chest I could feel his heart beating fast. Do I make him nervous? Oh god. I like 3 boys. Get a hold of yourself Kat! Harry, Louis and Luke. This won't end well...

I swiftly climb out of bed. I throw on a shirt that says Pizza is life. And then a pair of red running shorts. I put my hair up into a pony tail and walking downstairs putting on my running shoes. I grab some scrambled eggs that were already ready. I eat them then jog up the stairs realizing I left my phone up in my room. I plug my headphones in and listen to my Spotify playlist. I run outside and have a morning run.

When I get back I chug down some water and see that I have a text message from Louis. I quickly answer and say hi. He says it back.

L= Louis .K=Kat

L- Are you busy today? ✌🏼️

K- No Cals at the studio with the guys.

L- Would you like to go out on a date with me? ☺️

Woah. I type "yes what time 😝" I hover over the send button. I decide to send it.

L- 4. Wear something casual (;

K- Alright bye (:

L- Bye

I check the time and see that it's already 2 o'clock. I rush over to my closet (I unpacked everything already) and choose out a superman long sleeved crop top and a pair of high waisted shorts. I throw on some converse and do my makeup, do something with my hair and before I know it its 3:47 and Louis is coming for me at 4. I decide to go onto Twitter and I see a photo of me and Luke cuddling from the other day. Mikey posted it, along with this caption "Aww look at those two love birds. Just date already. #Kake " I blush and realize It's four o'clock and there's a knocking on my door. "Hey Louis" "Hey Kat, you look beautiful." I can't help but grin. "Thanks Lou. So where are we going?" "It's a surprise " he says. "Oh. You know maybe if you told me whe-" "No no no. I'm not telling you Kat. " He added while putting his finger to my lips. We hop into his car and chat about life and our bands.


The car pulls up to a forest and I have a confused look on my face. "Don't worry, just follow me" He says acting all cute and stuff. He leads me to a picnic and we talk for hours and become better friends. Turns out he's liked me for a while now. I don't know if I feel the same about him but, I did just break up with Haz. Am I moving on too fast? Wait did I just call him Haz? Dang it why can't I stop thinking about him.


We head back to house and I walking into my room, turn on the light and completely strip down to my underwear and put on my pajamas which consist of my Stewie Griffin (From Family Guy) pajama long pants, and an Fall Out Boy band tee. I spin around and realize Luke was behind me, on his bed, with his jaw dropped. "Well this makes things awkward..." I finally say. "Yeah.." "Did you like what you saw?'' I ask and wink at him. "Yes" he whispers silently, but I heard him. He grins and I jump onto my bed and slide under the covers. I feel him crawl in next to me. In our room we have two beds, but I guess we like to share. I cuddle into him, as he wrapped his strong arms around me. I quickly drift off to sleep feeling great, happy and safe. 

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