Never Again

Kat Hood is 17 years old. She's dating the one and only Harry Styles. She's best friends with his mates, Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Niall, even the 5SOS boys, including her brother Calum. Harry and Kat's relationship goes through twist and turns, but what will happen when one of them wants to give up on what they have, and the other wants to fight for it.

*Note there will be swears so, yeah, heads up*


3. Chapter 3

Kat's POV

I changed into some High waisted jean shorts, and a cropped top that said "Zerrie all the way" I topped it off with some doc martins. I went to the Zerrie household, and put my bags into the guest bedroom, which was basically my room, since I come here a lot. I snook downstairs and said "hey Perrie" and snook up behind her. The face she made was priceless. I laughed for about a solid 5 minutes, then I told her I was staying and we left together to get to the studio.

Ashton's POV

The lads and I all hung out. We were worried for Kat. She's like a sister to us, we'll not to Luke, because I think he likes her, and that would be just wrong. Anyways the Little Mix girls where at the studio.

Luke's POV

While Kat and the girls where at the studio, I hung out with the guys. But then I said I was going to talk to Harry. Which was true. The guys followed me and we arrived at Harry's house. I ran into his house and saw him yelling at himself on the couch. "Harry! " he looked up at us and looked sad and nervous. "Why did you cheat on Kat again!?" We all said. He had tears streaming down his eyes, and he ran outside, we tried to chase him, but we lost him.


Okay so, this is my first movella, and I've decided I'm gonna continue it. I'm going to do weekly updates. I'll do them on a certain day or days. I have a bit of a busy schedule right now, so I'll find out what day I will be able to soon. It's will either be on Sunday's, Thursday's, or Friday's or Mondays. I'll find out soon and let you guys know. School is starting on like Wednesday's, and I'm also doing Basketball, and other after school activities, so I won't have much time to upload. But I will try to make time. Sorry. Bye :) -Katie

Michael's POV

The guys and I hung out after we left Harry's place. He doesn't live by himself, he lives with the rest of One Direction, but luckily he was the only one who was home. After hours of watching movies, talking, cracking jokes, we realized it was 1 am, the boys and one direction and the girls were all going to Miami for a road trip. After they went upstairs I snook a price do pizza upstairs with me and ate it then went to bed.

Luke's POV

Mad all went to bed because of the road trip. Hopefully I can talk to Kat again. Since after what happened, I haven't talked to her since. I feel asleep to Green Day music.

Calum's POV

I checked in the hallway and everyone was asleep. I snook outside and went to Jesy's house. Well, everyone in her band lives there, except for Perrie because she lives with Zayn. Jesy and me are secretly dating. But here's the thing, no one else knows. So we don't know if we want to make it official yet.



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