Just Another Love Story

Carly Denis never thought that she'd be in a relationship and she never even wanted to be in one. All she just did was focus on her school life and friendship. But when her friend starts third wheeling, will she be able to enjoy her last year of high school?


1. The Beginning

     "Studies first! Then boyfriends." That's what my parents always told me. Sure that sounds Asian but I'm not Asian. And guess what? It's frustrating!!! Hearing that same quote all over again, every single day, during breakfast, lunch, and dinner would make you think, "I stopped listening. Why haven't you stop talking!!!" Well, you guys probably experienced that. Oh! Wait! I haven't told you my story? Oh wow. Dang it, Carly! You're stupid! Well, I'll start from the beginning.


     "Last year and first day isn't it?" sighed my best friend Kristy. "Yup," I said. "It is." "Hey," she said. "Why can't you have a boyfriend yet?" "'Cause my parents said I couldn't. Studies first," I said. "So, you're sure your not Asian?" she joked as I fake punched her. The bell rang, which meant that we had to go to the assembly. 

     "Welcom back, students," claimed our principal Mrs. Johansen. "We expect a lot from you!" I didn't listen to the rest of the assembly because they always say the same speech every single year.

     "Now, may I present to you Chris Lane." Oh, now that was new. A tall guy walked up to the stage. I recognized him. He was from our senior class, but I never really payed attention to him. But man wasn't he cute!!! He had light brown hair that had natural highlights in them and he was slightly tanned. His eyes, for some reason, were purple. "He has helped us by donating money to help this school buy new text books!" Everybody started clapping and I did I too. But I just couldn't stop staring at him. He looked so... so....

     "Carly!" Kristy cried as she slapped my face, hard. "Huh?" I said, rubbing my face. "Your just standing there and staring at something!" she said as everybody left. "Oh. I...." I turned around and saw that he was still there, but he was talking to the principal. He looked at me and smiled. I flushed.

     "Oh," Kristy said smirking. "Someone has a crush on him!" "No I don't!" I said. But do I? "Let's just go to class!" I said as I grabbed smirking Kristy's hand and led ourselves to class. 

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