The Broken Road

Ronon knew that the new doctor was hiding something. He was determined to find out the whole story. He must gain her trust and to do that he realized he had to trust her. Dr. Keller could not keep herself from staring at the handsome man. But from her past experience she was not going down that broken road ever again!


7. Chapter 7

Today Jennifer was up before the dawn and nervous as hell. Dr. Beckett had assigned her to a mission that would take her off-world for the very first time. She was to provide routine medical services at a remote village a couple of clicks from the stargate. He told her it was a routine mission and that he would go but was too busy with his work. Colonel Sheppard's team would be accompanying her. "Nothing to worry about lass" he said in his lilting Scottish brogue, "It'll be like clinicals back on earth!" She had packed all of the medical supplies she would need for the trip the night before. Looking at her watch she had three hours to kill before the trip at 0800 hours.

So to try and get rid of the ball of nerves rolling around in her stomach she decided to go for one of her early morning jogs. She got dressed and left her rooms while Atlantis still slept. She had become familiar with the layout of the very beautiful and complex city. What with its intricate twists and turns, someone could easily get lost - such as herself on the first couple of days she'd been here nearly a month ago.

Jennifer could not be happier with her new job! She got along great with the entire medical staff and they seemed to like her. Dr. Beckett was a great mentor; and was becoming a good friend to her as well. He was like a father figure at times not just her boss. Carson was there when she needed advice and gave her encouragement.

Jennifer was amazed at how confident she had grown during the short period of time living and working in Atlantis. She grew more and more relaxed around these people. She felt more comfortable in her own skin so to speak. Back on earth she was always confident at work; it was just outside of work that she had her difficulties – namely Brian. But on this floating city millions of light years away, she was blossoming outside of her work environment; she was becoming more outgoing. Jennifer was still a bit shy, but she was working on that. She was fitting right in with everyone – except for the ever brooding Satedan. She had avoided him quite easily enough since their first encounter – or was it the other way around?

Like when he was always volunteering for off-world missions that took him away for days upon days. Then on his returns, Ronon would visit the infirmary for the mandatory off-world check-ups when it seemed he knew that Jennifer was not working at the time.

Then there was the time when she was in the mess hall having lunch with Teyla. Jennifer had looked up at the precise moment Ronon walked in with Colonel Sheppard and Rodney. Green eyes met blue and she could have sworn something passed between them; but Ronon spoke a few words with the Colonel without taking his eyes off her, then turned and left the room. When Rodney and Sheppard were seated, Teyla asked why Ronon had left so suddenly. John shrugged and said, "He just happened to remember that he had a sparring lesson he was late for." All at the table were confused; all but one.

It did not take a genius such as herself to realize that he was avoiding her just as much as she was avoiding him – and somehow that made her a bit sad. She made a mental note to start getting to know Ronon - the demi-god. If everyone around here trusted him, then so should she.

Her jogging path led to the east pier; she preferred this path to any other. It seemed the most isolated. Jennifer also loved to watch the spectacular sunrises from here. The blue of the ocean contrasting with the golden sun that slowly rose and stretched its rays over the horizon. It was as if the sun itself was trying to awake for a new morning; for a new beginning of the day. It was just breathtaking. The area was quiet and peaceful. However, this morning standing next to the railing, Jennifer felt as if someone were in the shadows watching her. Looking around she saw no one. She just attributed the feeling to nerves and turned her attention back to the sunrise.


Ronon sat on the edge of his bed. He was in a foul mood. He had tossed and turned most of the night getting little sleep due to the fact that he was to escort the good Doctor Keller off-world in the morning to some remote village. That would mean being in her company for most of the day. He growled and clenched his jaw. He had been successful in keeping his distance from her all this time until now. Ronon did everything he could think of to get her out of his mind. Nothing worked! He would volunteer for any type of mission to get off-world and away from her. He would run or spar with anyone fool hearty enough to think they could beat him. He sent a good number of Marines and civilians to the infirmary during the month. The number of sparring partners were dwindling. They stayed clear of the fierce Satedan when he entered the gym because they valued their life. The young doctor was driving him insane and for the life of him he did not know why.

Another reason for his restless night's sleep was that damn haunting dream. It was occurring more often and would wake him from a sound sleep only to fade from memory no matter how hard he tried to hold onto it. He furiously pushed himself off the bed, got dressed and headed out for his morning run to clear his head.

Running his usual route he thought of the beautiful woman that sneaked her way in under his defenses. She had been at Atlantis no more than a month and he was so confused he could not think straight. What the fuck was wrong with him. She made him feel like a teenage boy drooling over his first encounter with a girl. He was a seasoned warrior dammit! He could easily take what he wanted when he wanted - not that he would nor had he ever force himself on a woman. There were more exciting ways to entice the fairer sex to his bed. He'd been with a few females from the base. The encounters were both mutual, one needing something from the other - him release and them the bragging rights of having slept with Ronon Dex. However, none stayed too long by his side. Once they got to see his real emotions - his real self - they backed off and said that he was too dangerous and complicated to be with any woman. But there was something different about Jennifer Keller. No matter how hard he fought to control his feelings Ronon was being drawn to her.

Lost in his thoughts he realized that he was coming upon the east pier. He frowned at himself because he never ran this way. His route normally consisted with running the north wing twice around and then entering the gym to get in a good workout - hopefully a nice sparring match. He had just rounded a corner and stopped dead in his tracks. He had planned to turn and go back the other way but the vision standing at the end of the pier had his feet rooted in place.

Jennifer stood facing the rising sun. With her head slightly tilted back and her eyes closed, the warm rays bathed her in soft golden light. He was awestruck. Her beauty lifted his foul mood much like when the sun burns off a morning mist. Ronon stood perfectly still; he did not want to disrupt the perfect scene before him.

The ocean breeze played with the wayward strands of hair that had come loose from her ponytail. Her forearms were supporting her as she leaned over the railing. Her hands were clasped together. The white sleeveless t-shirt clung to her torso accentuating her full breasts and narrow waist. The black shorts she wore revealed long sexy legs. He thought that the shorts were way too short. By leaning forward as she did, he could see where her long legs ended and the cheeks of her ass began. Desire and anger clashed within him. Desire because he had the urge to hold her in his arms while his hand slid down her shorts to cup her ass. He felt anger because he would have to kill any other male who even thought of doing such a thing.

The enchantment was broken when she turned in his direction. He stepped quickly back hiding behind the wall. After a moment he peeked around the corner. She was back to watching the sunrise. Right then and there Ronon made up his mind. It was time for him to face whatever it was between them but first he needed some information. A warrior does not go into battle unprepared. He needed to get all the intel he could on Dr. Jennifer Keller so that he could plan accordingly.

Jogging back the way he came he headed to the first person on his list that would know something about Dr. Keller - he would start with Dr. Carson Beckett.

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