The Broken Road

Ronon knew that the new doctor was hiding something. He was determined to find out the whole story. He must gain her trust and to do that he realized he had to trust her. Dr. Keller could not keep herself from staring at the handsome man. But from her past experience she was not going down that broken road ever again!


6. Chapter 6

The team was busy greeting the last of the new Marines with friendly smiles, except for Ronon. He was glaring down at a blonde recruit who was slowly accessing him. He was ready to give her a shock of her life with his death stare, only to have the tables turned on him. When the young woman's gaze made it to his face he was held spellbound by a pair of alluring blue eyes. They reminded him of a mountain lake where he used to swim as a boy. He could blissfully drown in those eyes he thought.

Tearing his gaze from hers, he looked her over. He noticed that her uniform showed off her curves perfectly. She was not tall nor was she short of stature. He imagined her fitting perfectly within his embrace. She would be just the right height for him to lean down and rest his chin atop her blonde head. Even so, the young woman would have to stand on her tippy-toes and he would have to lean down to kiss her coral tinted lips. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail showing off a blushing angelic face shadowed by regret. His eyes narrowed at that.

Standing so close to her, he could not help but inhale her intoxicating scent which was calming, sweet, exotic and sensual all at the same time. She smelled like a field of Trivydia blossoms from his home world. Apparently the blossoms smelled much like jasmine. There were a few jasmine bushes growing in Atlantis' botanical gardens. Sometimes, late at night when sleep eluded him, he would find himself wandering the gardens just to find some kind of peace. The fragrant flower would bring memories of happier times to his heart.

Suddenly a whisper of a dream floated through his consciousness – she is the one. The memory came and went so quickly he brushed it aside with no real concern. However, the feelings that were swirling around inside Ronon - fascination, longing, wariness, desire, anxiousness - had him quite mystified and annoyed with himself.

Ronon slightly shook his head to bring himself out of the daze he found himself in and back to his surroundings. Furrowing his brows deeper made the cut over his eye hurt worse and bleed a bit more - he did not care. He felt a little trickle of blood start to run down by the corner of his eye and onto his cheek. He did nothing to wipe it away.

He cautiously took a step back from the young temptress. He had to step back away from her – she was driving him insane with her very presence and he could not understand why! He was scowling at her now not to intimidate her but because there was something about her that he could not figure out - yet!

Jennifer did not know what she had done to warrant such a look from tall, dark and scary. An old feeling started to slither its way through her. It was the feeling she had when Brian thought she'd done something - been with someone else. This man was very intimidating! He was way too handsome with a whole lot of scary mixed in – a dangerous combination!

When he backed up, so did she - right into her duffel bag that lay on the floor. She caught her heel on the luggage which in turn had her losing her balance and falling backwards. Instantly her arms reached out to grab hold onto anything to stop her embarrassing fall. The anything that she happened to grab onto were two strong arms – bare to her touch.

When he saw her starting to tumble backwards, Ronon lunged forward. His hands whipped out and caught her by her upper arms before she fell. Standing there looking into those lake blue eyes as her touch scorched his skin brought forth an incredible urge to kiss her!

The whole encounter - from him glaring at her once she materialized to wanting to kiss her - lasted less than a minute. It was like they were the only two people in the room until both heard someone clearing their throat. Jennifer and Ronon let go of each other, as if they had been two teenagers caught in a very compromising position. Ronon growled, turned and left the room without looking back.

Dr. Beckett and Sheppard watched Ronon storm out. Both men looked at each other and shrugged. John whispered, "It's Ronon…what can I say?!"

Smiling a greeting, Elizabeth came to stand in front of Jennifer. She held out her hand and welcomed Dr. Keller to Atlantis. "Hi, I'm Elizabeth Weir commander of Atlantis! I'd like to welcome you to our fine city!"

Jennifer quickly composed herself - hoping that the blush on her face wasn't at all noticeable - and gave everyone her brightest fake smile. "Thank you! I'm happy and excited to be here!" she said shaking Elizabeth's hand. Dr. Weir introduced everyone to her in turn.

"This is Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard. He is our second in command of Atlantis."
"Nice to meet you, doc. Welcome to our home away from earth!"
"Thank you." Jennifer smiled and nodded. Trying to look him in the eyes – very hard to do after seven years of keeping her head down and mouth shut where men were concerned.

"And this is our current CMO, Dr. Carson Beckett."
"Welcome lass! Welcome to your new home Atlantis! Glad to have ya aboard. I'm sure ya'll make a fine addition to our team!" he beamed. She smiled at his lilting accent. "Thank you!"

Next Elizabeth introduced Rodney. "And this is Dr. Rodney McKay, our self-appointed Chief Science Officer." Dr. Weir and everyone smiled at her comment – everyone but Rodney.

"I am earth's top astrophysicist and the most qualified science officer here, I'd like to add! Oh," he held up his index finger to make the following point, "and resident genius"

"Ow! What?" Rodney exclaimed. John had elbowed Rodney in his side and gave him a look that said, "Shut up!"

"And last but not least", Dr. Weir stated, "This is our lovely Teyla Emmagan."

"I am so happy to meet you! You may call me Teyla. On behalf of everyone on Atlantis: Welcome!"

"How was your trip?" Teyla inquired.

"Long!" Jennifer replied. She liked Teyla instantly. She seemed genuinely interested in what Jennifer had to say and her voice was comforting. Jennifer knew they would become fast friends.

Major Lorne was entering the Gate room after ushering the last of the recruits to in-processing. John introduced the Major, "Dr. Keller; Major Lorne. Major Lorne; Dr. Keller."

After the pleasantries were over and done with, John reached down and picked up both her bags then said, "Shall we show you to your quarters?"

Jennifer nodded and smiled.

Walking down the long corridor, Jennifer questioned, "Um...if you don't mind my asking who was the gentleman that..." she indicated waving her hands way above her head "….gave me such a warm welcome?!"

"Pffftt...gentleman - that's a good one!" Rodney said rolling his eyes.

"Oh that was Ronon Dex." The Colonel answered. "He's kinda like our mascot around here!"

Elizabeth scolded, "Colonel!"

"Well he does other things to like…."

Rodney interrupted John by saying, "kill people!"

"What?" Jennifer said looking at their faces.

They all stopped outside the doors to her new living quarters and Elizabeth, after giving everyone a very stern look said, "They are just joking with you!"

Jennifer could have sworn she heard Rodney mumble under his breath, "Not really!"

Elizabeth continued, "He's a part of Colonel Sheppard's Recon Team."

"Yeah, we kinda adopted him when we found him running from the Wraith. He's from a planet called Sateda", John stated.

Teyla added, "The Wraith decimated his planet. We are his family now."

He's an alien? Was the only thing that popped into her mind – and he looks like that? Oh my!

John swiped his hand over the key panel and the doors opened up. "Doc after you!"

She entered into the living area of her quarters which comprised of a desk and chair, a recliner, bed and nightstand. There was a closet for her clothes and a bathroom off to one side. There were windows stretching from floor to ceiling to her right. It was sparse, but she didn't really need much because she didn't have much.

John put her bags off to the side and once again said welcome to her new home. He then ushered Rodney out the door. "See ya later doc!" Teyla invited her to join them for dinner later and then left too.

Doctor Beckett and Elizabeth were the only ones left in her room.

Carson smiled and said, "Alright then lass, you get yerself settled in and I'll come back fer ya in about say an hour or so. I'll give ya the grand tour of the infirmary; introduce you to the staff and then we'll get a bite to eat."

"I'd like that!" She was tired, but she wanted to see where she'd be working and she was also starving!

Dr. Weir informed her that if there was anything that she needed, all she had to do was ask.

Elizabeth and Carson turned to leave her room when she asked, "Do you know about everything? I mean my past. Why I'm here?" She needed to know.

Turning back Elizabeth nodded and Carson voiced "Aye". Elizabeth assured her that they were the only ones who knew and if Jennifer wanted anyone else to know of her past then it was up to her to tell them.

"Thank you!" she said.

They left and Jennifer stood alone in the room. She walked over to one of the windows and looked out. She saw a spectacular city surrounded by a vast ocean – an ocean in another galaxy. It was all so surreal. It would take some time, but she was confident that she could forget the past and become the person she knew laid buried deep within her.

All she had to do from now until then was avoid one tall, very handsome, green-eyed alien by the name of Ronon Dex!

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