The Broken Road

Ronon knew that the new doctor was hiding something. He was determined to find out the whole story. He must gain her trust and to do that he realized he had to trust her. Dr. Keller could not keep herself from staring at the handsome man. But from her past experience she was not going down that broken road ever again!


4. Chapter 4

~Group 2 step forward. Group 2 step forward~ A crew member announced walking by them holding an electronic clipboard and checking off names.

They had been divided up into four groups. She would be with the last ones transported down. Down to a new home; a new beginning. Six Marines with their gear slug over their backs gathered together in the designated spot that the first group had just occupied before they disappeared in a flash of light. They all looked a little green behind the gills. This did nothing to help calm Jennifer's fears of having all her molecules being jumbled around then put back together - hopefully in the right exact order! Lt. Jensen who had briefed everyone on the procedure assured her "We have not lost anyone yet, Ma'am!" Wonderful! thought Jen.

She leaned her head back against the wall. With her arms folded across her chest, her eyes closed, she once again let her mind drift to the past.


Several months before Brian lost control and tried to kill her, she had been getting ready to leave for home when she was notified of an auto accident involving a 38 year old female and a six year old male. ETA: Five minutes. The on-call doctor was stuck in traffic and would not arrive for another 20 minutes. A lot could happen in that time frame - seconds mattered. She went to see what help she could provide until the other doctor got there.

A drunk driver had lost control of his truck and plowed into their car. The mother, knowing that they were going to collide, steered the car so that the drunk driver would hit her side of the vehicle and not her son's - who was asleep in the backseat. However, she had not realized that her vehicle would be sandwiched in between the truck and a light pole.

The six year old was in critical condition when he got to the ER. He was unconscious and unresponsive to stimuli. He had a possible concussion, a broken arm, broken ribs and internal bleeding.

The EMT informed Jennifer that the mother was DOA by the time they got her to the hospital. It had taken the jaws of life to get the unconscious boy out of the backseat. It was a miracle that the boy was even alive - the car had been so badly mangled. The mother had sacrificed herself to save her child.

The doctor on call still had not made it in so Jennifer then took charge. She shouted out orders to take the boy to the first available operating room while she scrubbed up. He was in critical condition; she had to find and stop the internal bleeding or he was going to die. The surgery took several hours and was a success. Now all they could do was wait for him to wake up.

Once she had cleaned up, she went to tell the boy's father that his son made it through surgery just fine. That his son was in serious but stable condition. She was sure he would make a full recovery. He thanked her for saving his son's life. He did not know how he could ever repay her. He was animate about if there was anything that she ever needed all she had to do was ask! She had saved his son and for that he was grateful.

Three weeks later the little boy was being discharged. Both the boy's father and grandfather told her that they were forever in her debt for saving the child's life. The older gentleman had handed her his card. It read: SG Director / Maj General Jack O'Neill on one side with a phone number on the other. Again they both stated if she ever needed anything; all she had to do was just call. She had thanked them and placed the card in her locker and forgot about it.

After the incident with Brian, she remembered the offer and called the General. She had told him everything. She also had told him if he did this for her then - just as she had saved his grandson's life - he would be saving hers in return.

And so it happened. She disappeared from the face of the earth.

She had completed eight weeks of top-secret training at Cheyenne Mountain Central Base in Colorado Springs, CO and signed a stack of legal paperwork before she boarded the Daedalus.

During the trip she had kept to her allotted room for the first few days of her journey. Too scared to really go exploring except to get something to eat and bring it back to her quarters. She would always leave her room when she thought she would be less likely to run into people. She did not want to be pulled into a conversation. Unless it was work related, she hated talking to people and avoided them like the plague.

She had offered her medical services but not much happened on the ship. So she had time to relax!. She was glad she brought books to read. She had left everything back at the house. A house that she would never walk into ever again. She had taken only a few personal items - her keepsake box that her father had given her which had been her mother's, a few photos of her and her father and the clothes on her back. She had bought clothes and other items at the base PX before boarding the spacecraft.

She was jarred back to the present with the following announcement:

~Group 4 step forward~ ~Final Group step forward~

Final group? Crap! She had been so caught up in her thoughts that she had not noticed that the third group had teleport down to the city already. Her group was next. Grabbing her things she realized that she was now free. What a weird feeling! She stifled a giggle. FREE! Free to do anything she wanted. She could come home whenever she wanted. She did not have to tell anyone where she was going or why. She could have friends! She could date! NO! That would not happen for a very long time - if at all! She was not looking for a relationship what so ever. She did not want to have anything to do with men! Not now; not ever! No matter how handsome they were! Never again!

That was until she teleported right in front of one Ronon Dex!

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