The Broken Road

Ronon knew that the new doctor was hiding something. He was determined to find out the whole story. He must gain her trust and to do that he realized he had to trust her. Dr. Keller could not keep herself from staring at the handsome man. But from her past experience she was not going down that broken road ever again!


3. Chapter 3

Her 30th birthday sucked from the get go. He'd forgotten her birthday - AGAIN. Hadn't given her a gift - AGAIN. And then it got a whole lot worse!

He had come home early from one of his trips to an empty dark house - a house that they could not even afford. He called the hospital. They told him "Dr. Keller's in surgery. Would you like to leave a message?"

When she finally came home she was tired. All she wanted was to take a hot shower and crawl into bed. But that wasn't to be. The minute she walked through the door he started demanding to know who she'd been fucking this time. Brian told her that he'd been told by several people that they'd seen her with someone else. She knew that was a lie. He had no friends - at least any real friends. So she waved him off telling him that she was tired, was going to take a shower and was going to go to bed.

Angered that she was ignoring him, he had grabbed her by the arm and that's when she smelled that he'd been drinking. She tried to calm him down and reassure him that there was nobody else and that she loved him. She had went into the bathroom and locked the door. Terribly shaken.

Sitting on the edge of the tub fully clothed, she'd wadded up a towel and just sobbed - gut wrenching sobs - into it. She knew that she had to leave him, but that thing deep down in every woman - that primal nurturing instinct - was always there pushing her to change him for the better.

After done crying, she had looked up and studied her reflection in the bathroom mirror. The mirror went from ceiling to floor on the wall opposite her. The mirror was to suppose to make the room look bigger. She hated that damn mirror - it seemed to always make her look bigger instead. She had hated it because Brian would have her stand in front of it - clothed or naked - and tell her how fat she looked. At five foot six and 120 pounds her medical knowledge told her that she was in the range she should be - actually she could gain a few pounds - but nothing she did was ever good enough.

Outside the bathroom he was fuming because she had walked away from him while he was talking - yelling - at her. He had broken down the bathroom door. She turned and faced him. Those cold blue eyes just made her sick to her stomach because she just knew that he was gearing up for one of his rants. No lectures this time however. For her 30th birthday her boyfriend tried to kill her.

He had lunged at her and wrapped his hands around her throat then had flung her back into the wall mirror with such force it broke. Her right shoulder was on fire and she could not breathe. The look that he had on his face was pure evil - what she could see of it anyway. The floating dots had started to obstruct her vision. Through the blood pounding in her ears she had heard him say, "If I can't have you, no one can!" Her mind for a split second thought "You couldn't come up with a more original line dumb ass?" Then survival mode had kicked in and she hammered her knee right into his balls. He had doubled over in pain and she made her escape to the neighbors.

She had called the police. They came and escorted her back to the house. He was standing in the doorway as if nothing happened. "Honey there you are! I was wondering where you'd went!" She heard the veiled threat of "When the cops leave we're going to finish this!"

The police had separated them - her inside the house; him outside. Jennifer told her story. Showed them the broken mirror. The police asked if she wanted to go to the hospital. She said she'd go because of her shoulder which more than likely needed stitches. The police asked her what she wanted them to do. Did she want to press charges? She told them no because he'd be even more furious with her. She knew that she should but had been too scared. She told them to just take him to his brother's house who lived in the next town over. That he was drunk and needed to sleep it off!

The officer asked her again before he walked out the door - by this time two more squad cars were in their driveway - was she sure that she did not want to press charges. She nodded, she was sure. Closing the door and locking it she realized that he had the keys to the house. If they dropped him off at his brother's place he could return and as he said finish the job!

She had run back outside and told them that she wanted his house keys. She didn't want him coming back during the night. The police assured her that he wouldn't be coming back tonight because he'd just been arrested. What? Why? Apparently he'd said something to the police officer that the officer did not like. The officer would not tell her what it was but she could only imagine.

She drove herself to the hospital and had a female colleague stitch her up. The four inch gash on her right shoulder took thirty-five stitches. She would carry the scar for the rest of her life. Just one on the outside; too many to count on the inside. Scars could always be concealed, but they were always there.

While she was being patched up, she had remembered the high ranking military official from a couple weeks back coming in to speak with a group of doctors about an opportunity to become Chief Medical Officer at a new remote top secret military base. At the time of the meeting she had thought it was cool, but knew Brian wouldn't go for it. But now?

The only two words that kept going over and over in her head was REMOTE and TOP-SECRET. Remote meant away from him. Top-Secret meant he'd not know where to find her. The next morning she contacted the recruiter. He had told her that there were over one thousand applicants, and that there was time enough for her to apply. Her heart sank. One thousand people stood in her way to freedom. She needed help. She needed to call in a favor and she knew just who to ask.

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