The Broken Road

Ronon knew that the new doctor was hiding something. He was determined to find out the whole story. He must gain her trust and to do that he realized he had to trust her. Dr. Keller could not keep herself from staring at the handsome man. But from her past experience she was not going down that broken road ever again!


2. Chapter 2

As time went on she stopped going out with her friends - hell she stopped going out all together. She hadn't many friends to begin with because everyone she'd went to school with had been older than her.

She was labeled a genius, which she hated with a passion! She graduated high school when she was 13; college breezed by and she graduated at 16 with honors. Medical school at 20 years old - graduated top of her class and then her residency and fellowship - done by age 26. She did not know how she made it through her last three years of residency with Brian brow-beating her. Her work was her safe haven. There she could lose herself in her job.

She took up a surgical position at a top military base - which he resented her for. He'd been trying to land a job there for years and she just fresh out of school blinked her eyes and bam got the job - how she wished it had been that easy! Well, he wanted to know who she had been on her knees for to get the position. She learned long ago to keep her head down and to not say anything because he would never believe it anyway. She just kept quiet and let him run out of steam.

Her friends - the two she had left - told her to leave him. She had tried twice and both times he transformed into the man that she'd fallen in love with in the beginning. Promising that he'd change - which he did - all of two weeks worth and then back to the abuse. In the beginning she wanted to make it her mission to fix him. But, in the long run, her mission was killing her soul.

He would tell her "Never trust anyone, they are always out to get you!" or that whatever she did reflected on him so she had better watch herself and not fuck him over and make him look bad or she'd be sorry!

At times when on her way home from the hospital, she wondered, would he be home from work and if so what mood would he be in. Her moods were a shadow of his. If he was in a calming mood then that night would be good. But more often than not, he was angry and so she walked on eggshells so that his temper wouldn't be directed to her. The outcome for those days were never good. He had to have an outlet for his anger and she was it.

His military work luckily did not require him to move around the country. It did require him, however, to be gone from home a week or two every so often. During those weeks that he was gone she could breath! It felt as if a great weight had been lifted from her shoulders. There were times though that he would call at odd hours of the night - 2 in the morning for example - and if she did not answer the phone within 3 rings he was screaming at her "Who do you have at the house?" She wanted to say "You try waking up from a dead sleep after working 12 hr shifts to answer such questions." Most of the time she'd just lay the phone down and let him rant with her occasional "yeah" or "okay" into the receiver.

The nurses knew to get her right away when he called work. They did not know exactly why but they had their suspensions. One time a new nurse on the floor answered and told him that Dr. Keller was busy. When she got home he'd let her have it. Telling her that she was having her staff lie to her.

She often times wondered why Brian was the way he was. Was it due to nature or nurture? He had once spoke of his mom's anger towards his dad. His mom would throw things and scream that his dad was cheating on her. His dad would just take it Brian had told her. His mom petitioned for divorce while he was young. Afterwards his mom could not hold down a job for long. Always telling him that everyone she worked with was talking about her. Bad mouthing her. Just like he was telling her!

She had not known if she were coming or going at times. She supposed it was due to her being a doctor. A healer. She was suppose to fix people that were broken. Bind their wounds, set their broken bones, stitch their cuts. She just did not know how to heal a soul.

And so her schedule went: she awoke, went to work, hurried home and then started all over again the next morning! Until her 30th birthday. On that day everything changed!

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