The Broken Road

Ronon knew that the new doctor was hiding something. He was determined to find out the whole story. He must gain her trust and to do that he realized he had to trust her. Dr. Keller could not keep herself from staring at the handsome man. But from her past experience she was not going down that broken road ever again!


15. Chapter 15

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Jennifer stood in front of Ronon seething at how he had man-handled her through the street. She had been humiliated in front of people running their errands. The villagers had glanced at the couple but kept to themselves and went about their business. She was sure the village rumor mill was in over drive by now. Jennifer had felt like a wayward child being taken to task for a wrong done. The shadow of her past seven years with Brian washed over her, but she willed the feeling into a tight compressed ball of rage which she nestled in the pit of her stomach.

She was angrier than she had ever been in her life. Jennifer Keller was normally a quiet demure individual; however, for some reason being around Ronon Dex, turned her into an entirely different person. Avoiding him since being stationed at Atlantis apparently had been a wise choice on her part. Forget about getting to know the arrogant bastard; if he was going to treat her like this, then she didn't want to be around him let alone know him.

Anger flowed through her and she had to hold herself in check because Jennifer wanted so badly to reach up and slap that smirk right off his handsome face. Crossing her arms over her chest to keep from following through with the impulse, she wondered what had gotten into her. Jennifer never acted like this before. She had actually bit the man's hand for chrissake because she had been so angry. The norm for her after so many years with Brian was to keep her head down, mouth shut and do as she was told. She never made a scene because she didn't want to be lectured back at home. But here, with Ronon, she wasn't herself.

She took several deep breaths to try and calm herself, then made to move around the six-and-a-half foot wall of muscle and power. Ronon moved to the side and blocked her escape from the alley. Stepping back she glared at him. "Move Ronon, I'm going back to the clinic." She tried again and yet as before he blocked her way with his massive body.

She looked behind her but that was no good. He had maneuvered her into a dead end alley. The only way out was where Ronon was standing and it didn't look like he was going to be moving anytime soon. Not with that look on his face and the stance he took which screamed "I dare you to leave". She stepped back with hands on her hips craning her head back to glare up at him.

She didn't want any part of this right now. She didn't want a confrontation. She just wanted to go back to the clinic, pack up her stuff and head back to Atlantis.

"Let me pass!" she insisted.

"Not until we get some things straight."

Crossing her arms over her chest, "Yeah like what?"

"For starters like doing what you're told. Why didn't you stay at the clinic where it was safe?" He ground out; pointing his finger at her, demanding to know the answer.

"I went in search of the healer. To see why she needed my medicines and what she knew about this illness." she hotly replied.

Stepping up to him so close she had to crane her head even further back to look at him. "I can damn well take care of myself."

Ronon barked out a short laugh then said, "You have no training to go off on your own! Hell, this was your first off-world mission. You could have gotten yourself killed!" He said heatedly. "I told you to stay and I meant it dammit!" He said stepping closer to her.

Now they were mere inches apart from each other. A David and Goliath face off.

"I just went down the street to talk with the healer. It wasn't like I was going off into the woods and wandering around getting lost."

"The tea she was serving you was poison. Did you know that?"

"Yes I did! I thought as much! That's why I didn't drink it. I was planning somehow to refuse the drink but then you showed up like a bull in a china shop scaring both of us half to death!"

She poked him in the chest as she said, "Do you think I'm stupid? I am a doctor or did you forget that piece of information?!"

Ronon clenched his fists at his side and growled, but did nothing.

She turned away from him, throwing up her hands. "You're just like him you know. Brian was domineering. I couldn't do anything right. He had to have things his way. Nothing I did was good enough. He always made me feel worthless; useless. Getting away from him was the best thing I'd ever done. Then what happens," she turned and looked at Ronon, "I run into another overbearing jerk in another galaxy no less!"

So that was her secret. Someone from her past had hurt her terribly. Ronon tucked the information away and concentrated at the irate woman before him.

Wiping away angry tears, Jennifer blurted out, "You act just like him – a handsome face to hide the ugliness inside."

It was out of her mouth before she could stop it. She had cut to the quick and both knew it. He clinched his jaw; the dark beast within hissed and retreated deeper into Ronon's soul. His eyes were a dark emerald color holding so many emotions.

Ronon quickly advanced on her backing her up against one of the alley walls. He placed his hands on either side of her - caging her in with his large frame. With their bodies in such close proximity she felt the heat radiating from him. Felt the immense power he possessed. She swallowed and her anger was slowly being replaced by something else – desire.

Leaning down, he brought his face level with hers to look into those lake blue eyes of hers. He inhaled her jasmine scent. He softly spoke; his voice reminded her of a soft caress upon her bare skin, "I am sorry another has hurt you so deeply, Jennifer. I am sorry that I was not there to protect you. I'm here for you now."

He brought his hand up to touch her check. She flinched. Frowning he asked, "Do you think I would strike you?" Images of this other male hurting her had the dark beast seeing red. If ever they were to meet...

Turning his attention back to her he declared, "Know this I would kill myself before laying a hand upon you in anger! I swear upon my honor I will never do you harm!"

He took his hand and gently placed it on the side of her face. Looking down at her lips he ran his calloused thumb over them. He looked into her eyes and smiled.

"Let's go." he softly spoke, "Sheppard's waiting on us."

Leaving the alley they walked side by side. Jennifer was confused as to what just happened, but Ronon smiled from within. This battle he had won without her knowing. He had gotten his answer to his question about her story. Now the real war was about to begin.

The war to win over her heart.


Finding Home - the sequel to The Broken Road

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