The Broken Road

Ronon knew that the new doctor was hiding something. He was determined to find out the whole story. He must gain her trust and to do that he realized he had to trust her. Dr. Keller could not keep herself from staring at the handsome man. But from her past experience she was not going down that broken road ever again!


14. Chapter 14

I hope everyone is enjoying this story so far. Please let me know what ya'll think! And once again, thanks for reading my ramblings! DW


Jennifer nodded a thank you to Kaya when she sat the steaming cup of tea down in front of her. Kaya also gently nudged the plate of cookies even closer to Jennifer. The woman must really be superstitious, Jennifer thought. Wanting her to either drink or eat something since she was a new comer in the healer's home.

"Aren't you having any?" Jennifer questioned looking up at the woman. She was standing far too close for comfort. A tiny alarm bell chimed in Jennifer's head.

"Yes, of course." Kaya went to retrieve her own cup from the counter and sat down adjacent to Dr. Keller.

Admiring what looked like fine bone china Jenn picked up the delicate blue tea cup. "How lovely."

Beaming, the older woman said, "Was payment for saving a merchant's daughter from the illness."

Jennifer brought the cup of sweet smelling tea up to her nose. "This smells delicious." she told Kaya. The steam from the tea wafted in front of her. Blowing off the beverage to cool it a bit, Jennifer inhaled the heady aroma again. Another silent alarm bell went off in her head – a bit louder this time. She had smelled this before. How could an alien tea be familiar to her? It smelled oddly of almonds. Bitter almonds. Arsenic! Jennifer sat ram-rod straight and forced a smile upon her face. Was this woman trying to poison her or was her imagination running amuck? If she was trying to poison her, then why?

Smiling back, Kaya held her cup between her hands and stated, "The recipe has been in my family for generations. Taste it. It's very good." The twinkle in her eyes seemed malevolent.

While trying to figure out a way of not partaking in the arsenic-laced beverage, a loud pounding noise came from the front of the house. BOOM! - and the front door came crashing open. Both women literally jumped out of their chairs. Kaya dropped her cup and it shattered on the floor. Jennifer had stood up so quickly, she sloshed the deadly concoction all over herself and the wooden floor. Staring wide eyed in disbelief, Jennifer placed her hand upon her throat. "Ronon?"

She saw Ronon's large frame taking up most of the front doorway. The door he'd just demolish was hanging haphazardly on its damaged hinges. A piece of the splintered wood swung precariously from the top of the doorjamb then clattered to the floor behind him.

Frowning, she softly spoke his name "Ronon?" Jennifer then realized the mess that she had made with the tea. She swiped her hand over the wet stains dotting her uniform; her other hand still held the cup.

Kaya had never seen such a large and determined man before in her life. She quickly looked around for a way out.

Ronon's heart caught in his throat. He holstered his gun and with a couple of strides he was standing in front of Jennifer. He whispered "Are you alright?"

"Ronon, what are you doing here?" she asked staring up at him.

Seeing that Jennifer still held the now empty cup, he wrested it from her grasp and brought it to his nose. He sniffed it then glared at the healer.

Jennifer was going to retrieve the cup from him but he moved it out of her reach.

Glaring at the healer he demanded, "What is this?"

"Just tea" she meekly replied.

At Ronon's hard stare, Kaya turned pale and backed away keeping the table between her and the furious giant.

"I am sure that the tea she was serving you was poison. She is getting rid of the competition. Am I right?" Ronon glared at the healer.

"Competition? What are you talking about?" Jennifer looked from Ronon to Kaya and back again.

"Her and her son have a nice little scheme going on here. They make the villagers sick with some sort of herb and then turn right around and sell them a healing cure from another herb or plant."

Kaya fidgeted at the end of the table. She did not say a word as Ronon continued.

"Unfortunately, they ran out of the cure. When they heard that we were coming, she had her son slow us down by cutting the ropes to the bridge."

"What?" Jennifer glanced at the healer.

"Yeah, but when she realized that you might have some medicine that could take the place of hers she sent her son to steal it from you."

With her hands on her hips, Jennifer turned to glare at Kaya and asked furiously, "Why?"
As a doctor, she took an oath to help people not harm them and she couldn't understand how someone would take advantage of people like Kaya had done. The more she thought about it the madder she became.

"It doesn't matter now." Ronon interjected. "The townspeople know the truth now and are coming seeking justice." It was a lie but the healer didn't know that. The look on the woman's face was worth it. If Ronon had the time, he would dish out the punishment of the two crooks himself, but as it was he needed to get Jennifer back to the others.

Dropping the fragile china cup to the floor and hearing it shatter; Ronon gave Kaya one last lethal glare then guided Jennifer by her elbow out of the house.

Once in the front yard of the house, Ronon halted. Still holding onto Jennifer, he turned her to face him. He sternly looked down at her and commanded "Why didn't you stay in the clinic like I told you to?" The tone of his voice demanded an answer. "I told you to stay there and not to leave!" His emerald green eyes were ablaze with anger.

Jennifer jerked free of his grasp and walked off. She didn't have to take that from anyone anymore. She was done with egotistical assholes telling her what to do. She would have gladly explained everything to him if he had kept his caveman attitude to himself!

Fuming Ronon came up behind her and grabbed hold of her upper arm this time and hauled her infuriating little ass down the street. Jennifer had to run to keep up with his long strides.

"Let go of me! You over grown belligerent alien asshole!", she shrieked and tried to pry his fingers loose. When that didn't work, she bit him.

Growling, Ronon – who still held tight to her arm despite the pain of her bite – ushered her over to and down an alley. Once he was sure no prying eyes could see them, he let go of her. Both faced each other. Both were furious. The battle was about to begin and he smiled.

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