The Broken Road

Ronon knew that the new doctor was hiding something. He was determined to find out the whole story. He must gain her trust and to do that he realized he had to trust her. Dr. Keller could not keep herself from staring at the handsome man. But from her past experience she was not going down that broken road ever again!


12. Chapter 12

For a town that seemed run down this woman lived rather well Jennifer thought. The house was made up of brick and mortar, not wood like the other dwellings. Trees, flowers and shrubbery decorated the front yard. A wrought iron fence ran the perimeter of the house. Jennifer opened and walked through the waist high gate, then followed the path up to the front door of the dwelling. She was about to knock, but an older woman suddenly opened the door.

"Yes? May I help you?!"

"I'm….I'm Dr. Keller. The healer from Atlantis." She held out her hand in greeting. The older woman just looked at it then back at Jennifer.

"Um" putting her hand back down to her side Jennifer continued, "Are you the healer of this town?"

The woman nodded.

"Can we talk?" Jen asked.

The woman's eyes narrowed then she smiled brightly but the warmth of the smile did not reach her eyes. "Come in dear. Welcome."

Jennifer entered the charming little home. Before shutting the door the old woman leaned out and looked around. Seeing no one else, she quickly shut the door and locked it.


Ronon escorted the young man to an abandoned building that he'd noticed this morning on their way into town. The building was not too far from the clinic. The door of the structure was nearly hanging off its hinges and, when Ronon kicked the door to open it further, it toppled over onto the floor. Standing in the middle of the one room dilapidated shack Ronon told the man, "Before I let you go, know this. If you run, I will kill you!" Ronon forced the man's arm up higher behind his back to get his point across. Crying out in pain the man nodded that he understood.

After a second Ronon let loose of him and the man turned rubbing his shoulder.
"What is your name?"

After a brief hesitation and a low rumbling growl from Ronon the man answered. "Jabari"

"Why do you think our doctor has a cure for the illness plaguing this village?" recalling Jabari's previous conversation at the clinic.

"She is a healer is she not?" he asked. Furrowing his brows, he continued, "All healers are knowledgeable in restorative plants and herbs. How can she be a healer and not know such things?"

"She is different from what you know as healers. She is unique."

"Ah yes we heard she was called by another name – a doctor." He pronounced the last word slowly.

Ronon crossed his arms, "We?"

"My mother, the current healer." Jabari said, rubbing his wrist where Ronon had held a tight grip on just moments before.

"There was another here to help these people?"

Jabari smiled shrewdly and nodded. The young man leaned against the wall opposite the opening to the outside. He wasn't fool-hearty enough to think he could get past the huge man. He and his mother had not made it this far in life by being stupid.

"What happened?"

"Let's just say he disappeared. Here one day and poof gone the next."

Ronon wanted to smash this male's face in.

"Look, we just did not want you and your friends cutting in on what we have already established."

"And what was that?"

"Really? Have you seen these people?" Jabari tapped his finger on the side of his head, "Not very bright! Easy money."


Now the young man was smiling and boastfully explaining to Ronon how his mother would make the people sick with some of her tinctures unbeknownst to them of course. Then they would pay to get cured with the antidote – the cure.

"Then you and your friends had to show up. Mother knew that our time here was done, so she had me slow you down."

"You're the one who cut the ropes to the bridge."

"Yes!" the young man smiled proudly. Then he sighed, "However mother got the notion that possibly your doctor had the cure. We could make a bit more money before we leave. She got greedy!"


"That's about it. I went to the clinic with a dim wit and her brat. I was waiting for you to leave like the rest and leave your healer alone, but you would not leave her side." Jabari shrugged. "I could not wait any longer so….." Jabari shrugged again and said, "You know the rest."

Ronon pushed the overly confident man towards the door.

"I can go?"

"No! We're going back to the clinic and you're going to tell the Doc what you've just told me. You're going to tell her what poison you and your mother have been giving this village."

Jabari was disappointed that he could not go home, but lit up when Ronon told him that they were going back to the clinic and the beautiful doctor.

Walking through the doorway, Jabari turned to stop and stand in front of the Satedan warrior. The young man was smiling and rubbing his hands together when he excitedly proclaimed, "Oh I get to look at that fine piece of ass again! You know I wouldn't mind bedding that bitch many times over!"

The dark beast within Ronon reared it's head and those were the last words out of Jabari's mouth before Ronon's fist connected with it. The young man went sailing backwards. He landed at the feet of Sheppard and McKay.

John looked down at the groaning man then at Ronon.

Sighing Sheppard said, "Before I left didn't I tell ya to play nice with others, Chewie?"

The Colonel hurriedly stepped over the man, whom he was sure had a broken nose, and stopped Ronon from continuing his assault on the fellow - at least until John could figure out what was going on.

Pointing a finger at the man on the ground, Ronon ground out to John, "He's DEAD!"

"Whoa now, hold on. Let's start from the beginning." While Rodney helped the guy up, Sheppard maneuvered Ronon off to the side. The Satedan kept eyeing Jabari daring him to run.

"Ronon! Hey!" snapping his fingers in front of the Satedan's face to get his attention, John asked, "What's going on?"

Ronon explained everything and finished by saying, "I was about to take Jabari to talk to Doc when he said something I didn't like!" After thinking about the little prick's remarks about Jennifer, Ronon was wanting to hit him again.

Stepping in front of the big guy, Sheppard calmed him down with, "You can beat the shit out of him later. We need to get to the doc and see what she can do for these people. Okay?!"
Ronon didn't like the option but he knew John was right – help the people first, then kill the little fucker!

All four walked back to the clinic. Teyla was waiting for them in the infirmary. She asked her three teammates where Dr. Keller was. Frowning Ronon looked around. "Dammit!" he ground out. She was gone and the back door to the place was wide open. He had told her to stay here! Not to leave!

Ignoring everyone else, Ronon headed out the back. He thought when he found Jennifer – and he would find her – he was going to make sure that she understood what staying put meant right after he strangled her pretty little neck for driving him to the brink of insanity!

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