Angel ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

Angelina May is a model, who works 24/7 looking for new magazines to feature her clothing ��A&H�� she gets an offer which could shatter her career and reputation or Harry Style's heart


2. Harry?

I've been friends with Ellie for about 7 years now. And she's Harry's bestfriend . They are so close you'd think that that was his younger sister. It starts to pour and my fedora starts to get little rain drops in my hair. I hurry into Jessica's bakery. Me and Ellie resemble a lot except she has golden Shirley temple curls and I have black ones. So as soon as I walk in Harry runs toward me and hugs me. "Umm Harry" I say feeling really awkward. "Wait huh?" He says in a raspy sick voice. He takes my fedora off and says "Oh hey umm.... Angelina" with a smirk. I wave shyly. And then a couple minutes later we both ask "Where's Ellie"? "I don't know I'll call her" I add. I call her and she picks up after 3 rings. "Yeah hello? You enjoying your date with the sexy curly head pop star?" "Wtf Ellie, your such a pain in my ass" I say

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