Angel ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

Angelina May is a model, who works 24/7 looking for new magazines to feature her clothing ��A&H�� she gets an offer which could shatter her career and reputation or Harry Style's heart


1. Autumn Inn

The driver pulled the into the Cabin parking lot and it started to rain. This Hotel is made up of entirely wood and animals furs. I have a meeting with Harry, Niall , Liam and Louis for a photoshoot and Zayn couldn't make it because of things with Perrie. I'm super angry about the meeting because last time I went all they did is hit on me and said insulting things about my clothes. But ha! Jokes on them because they have to wear them for the magazine their appearing in. I'll be featured too. I brush my teeth and take my long black wet curls out off the towel they were in. . My security guard checked in for me so I had time to hurry up and shower in the wooded shower area. I peered at the sauna across the room but I really didn't have time. I rinsed my mouth. Then I put on my black high waisted shorts. My black and white knee socks, my black and white shirt with a pink stripe that said Glamoúr written in cursive on it. I slipped on my black pink and white Jordan's and my black fedora and hurried out the door. I'm meeting Ellie for a brunch date.

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