Shy // cth

"I'm not shy! I just hate talking!"

cth fanfic
Cover done by me

Barbara Palvin as Amelia "Amy" Clark
Miranda Kerr as Becca Harris
5 Seconds of Summer as themselves


1. intro.

Amy's POV

So, some want to know if I'm shy. Especially this kid in this band called 5 Seconds of Summer. Let me just say this so you know it. I'M NOT SHY! I just hate talking! And then this kid keeps asking me if I could talk to him and it's just so annoying! I don't know why but he started talking to me last week. At first, I thought I would actually make a second friend. And then my best friend, who I tell everything to, tells me he's one of those guys who sleeps with almost every girl in our high school. That made four. So, 5 Seconds of Summer has a bad reputation. In school only. All of the four idiots slept with almost all the girls in our high school. Now, I think he's trying to get me under him on his bed.

Hell no!

That's never gonna happen. I ain't letting him do that! I'm tired and sick of those type of guys! Fact, I never met one of those types before. Fact, I hate those types.

Fact, I give out to many facts.

So, anyways, I'm never talking to that guy! I mean, who does he think he is?! Well, he's a guy in 5 Seconds of Summer, that's who he thinks he is. I mean, how did this band even get famous?! I bet I'm the only girl who isn't interested in that stupid band! And the music they make? One word.


So, I am pissed. At that guy! I could go on and on and on about how much I hate him- I don't wanna bored you.

So, next subject. Why the hell do people think I'm shy? Just because someone's never talked to anyone in school since preschool doesn't mean they're shy! They do have other reasons. I'm pretty sure they heard me talking to my best friend, Becca, before. Becca's the only one who understands why I hate talking! Wait....actually, there's no reason to why I hate talking. I just hate it. Becca's actually really popular at the high school we go to but it's only because of how nice and talkative she is. She's the total opposite of me! I don't even know how I because friends with her!!

And then there's that guy from that band once again. I mean, he's the one I'm always thinking about- ew, that sounds so cute that it's so disgusting. I seriously can't get him out of my head. It's like he's some kind of a curse I have to live with for the rest of my life! I think you guys get the idea of who he is. Actually, I never told you guys his name! Calum Thomas Hood. Becca seems to be really good friends with him even though he's a...f*ckboy?

As you can see, I know no other cuss words except for asshole, ass, and hell. F*ck and b*tch isn't the words I would use, ever. Well, I would use it if I really have to.

Anyways, back to Calum. I seriously don't get his problem! Why does he keep bothering me?

Well, that would be a pretty great summary of my whole school life.

What happens elsewhere stays elsewhere.


okay, this is one big intro chapter thing. I don't write ones like these. They're usually a couple sentences and bam! I'm done with the intro! Was this good though?

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