What Burns Deepest

Abiline Adda Jones was strange seventeen year old. She had short, black hair and a pair of blue-grey eyes that changed color with her emotions sometimes. Addie, as she's called for short, is both a 'goth' and an 'in shape' teen. She already has somewhat of a six pack and has wonderful upper-body strength- so good that she's stronger than most of the boys in her school. Her mother died when she was young, leaving her with her abusive stepfather since her real father disappeared when she was younger.
Suddenly, what seems to be an ordinary day becomes something much more unrealistic when five new boys suddenly pop out of nowhere in her school. Life takes a major turn for Addie, and she soon realizes who she really is. Secrets are revealed. Friends and Allies are made. Maybe even some love will blossom along the way...


1. Who am I? I am Addie

My name is Abiline Adda Jones, but you can call me Addie. I am a seventeen year old girl with short, black hair and blue-grey eyes that sometimes change color with my emotions. My favorite colors are black, red, white, and grey and my favorite food is sausage pizza.

Now, your probably thinking that I'm either 'just your average teenager' or that I'm some 'super strange and unique girl' but I regret to inform you that you are wrong on both sides. I am what some might call part 'Goth'- in other words, I'm anything but social. In fact, the proper term to describe me is 'Anti-social'. Besides that, I am also a very great fighter and I'm extremely active for a girl my age. In fact, I know for sure that I am stronger than most of the boys in my whole school.

I have no friends or family accept for my abusive stepfather. My mother died a few years back and it hit him- well actually, I'm starting to think that he literally pulled the brakes out of Mom's car. Since my real father left when I was young, my mom tried to  meet up with someone who would be able to take care of me if anything ever happened to her. Look at where we are now, Mother.

You see my stepfather, Andrew, never feeds me and uses me as both a punching bag and a slave. That's actually basically how I got my body strong- by getting used to his beatings. Andrew doesn't know that I learned how to fight, so I just pretend that I'm a wimpy little girl when I'm actually training myself in secret and waiting for the right time to strike. And when I finally snap, my stepfather is going to burn.

I learned how to do Jujitsu, Kung-fu, boxing, kick-boxing, and any other type of offense and defense move known to mankind- including some of the ones that I created. I learned how to use at least three hundred, thirty-two different weapons including a Butcher's knife, Bow and arrow, Crossbow, and a scythe. Yeah, I know a lot about fighting back.

Besides basically a super-soldier made from scratch, I'm also very intelligent. I'm basically a human calculator, dictionary, and textbook for all school needs. Now, how did that happen? When I was five, I memorized every single textbook in the school and, since I have a wonderful memory, everything is still there.

My name is Abiline Adda Jones, but you can call me Addie. And this is the story of how I found my past, present, and future.

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