fighting to live trying to fly

teenage girl finds she has a special skill set that turns her life around


7. chapter 7

The guys went down with a very familiar thud and groan then I hear “did you really have to do that” said david rubbing his hip with an exaggerated motion. While he was getting up I heard the laughs of my other friends from camp including Nikki and Sam and everyone else.

“what the why are all of you here do you realize the danger you all in”I asked

David spoke up first “yes well I do I know more about you than you think” he said reaching for my hand pulling me into a hug. The hug was comforting and yet unsettling all at the same time. Part of the reason is that I do have feelings for both david and billy. Pulling back I look in davids eyes then I look away. sighing i pull away and slowly look at everyone taking a deep breath i knock out nikki and started to run the direction i was heading originally using the moment of confusion. Hitting nikki hurt because she was really nice and a good friend but i couldn't let an of them get hurt on account of me. by the time they noticed i was gone i had a good half a mile lead on all of them except david who was gaining on me with every step.

Trying to pick up the pace i missed a step falling to the ground starting to get up i noticed that i had tripped over something when i looked closer i saw it wasn't a something but a someone unconscious dusting myself off i finished getting up and started to run again only to trip again just short of a boob trap. getting up carefully i slowly back away and get plowed into by david. being knocked over i had to land awkwardly to avid setting the trap off.



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