fighting to live trying to fly

teenage girl finds she has a special skill set that turns her life around


6. chapter 6

With the SUV abruptly following us off the freeway I knew they were looking for me. Knowing I couldn’t let billy get hurt on my account grabbing the backpack I made my move. In the same motion I opened the door and stepped on to the step. Shutting the door on billy’s complaints and hanging onto the cab I started to climb trying to get back on top of the trailer he picked up. Watching my step I got onto the roof of the cab once I got my footing I jumped onto the trailer. Landing solidly on the trailer I sprawled out flat as to not get blown off. Coming to the back of the trailer I see one of the men coming out of the SUV and climbing onto the doors of it. With the SUV backing off leaving the guy on the truck I backed away from the edge and moved to a crouching position preparing for the inevitable fight.

Hearing him climb up the back of the truck I move to the front of the trailer as he climbs full on and sees me I jump off the side of the trailer and stick my bag back in the cab and I tell billy that if I don’t make it in the front pocket there is an address and take it there. Without thinking I give billy a kiss on the cheek and I go back out and face the goon that either wants to kill me or kidnap me.

When I leave the cab again or try to I get punched back into the seat starling billy but not a point he lost control though. Gripping the head rest and the dash I kicked the assailant with both feet in the chest. In doing that it gave me room to get him away from billy because I half stood on his chest when I kicked and twisted to haul my-self up in the cabs roof. I jumped quickly off his chest but he caught my leg and was trying to pull me down. With my free leg I kicked him in the face I heard him grunt I kicked him once more the second kick landed on his shoulder. The kick was hard enough for him to let go of my other leg. Finally hauling myself up on to the cabs roof I took a breath then got to my feet. When I looked behind me the goon was climbing onto the cabs roof. Without thinking I just went for the trailer. Jumping I landed and moved into a position to face him head on as the assailant was getting on the trailer as billy took a sharp left turn.

Keeping my balance was tricky but i was able to maintain upright but the other guys not so much he ended up rolling off the top of the trailer but he caught the edge of the trailer was able to pull himself back up. Once he was on his feet he was charging at me catching a fist in the jaw. I landed flat on my back i avoided the next punch and kicked him in the groin. As i did a leg sweep i got to my feet standing in a crouch i waited for the next attack from him keeping my focus on what he was doing. When he charged me again i flipped him of the driver’s side of the truck. Only he managed to grab my ankle so i was holding both our weights off the side of the truck. I managed to twist my ankle free he got my shoe and that is about it. After catching my breath i scrambled back onto the trailer and made my way slowly back to the cab.

Climbing down the side of the cab was exhausting. Finally i reached the door and sank into the passenger seat. After shutting the cabs door and relaxing for a few minutes when i looked over at billy he was pale as a ghost and had a deer in headlights look. I asked him to pull over for the rest of the day. Doing as i asked he pulled us into a truck stop once parked I left Billy in the cab and I went in and got some food. Some water and soup for billy and an energy bar for myself with some water. After heating up the soup I carried everything back to the truck. When I got inside I saw billy wasn’t in the drivers seat so I checked and found him laying down on the bunk. Taking his food back to him and getting him to eat it was another story. But after getting food into him and the water he was acting more normal. After some conversation I went up front to get my energy bar when he grabbed my arm and asked me to stay and talk with him. After sitting back down we talked about a lot of thing 4 hours making each other laugh and so on. Finally he fell asleep and when he did I went up front to get my energy bar. After wolfing it down I dug up a piece of paper and wrote down a note saying i'm sorry for putting you in danger and not worry about me I will be fine. Grabbing my gear I left the note next to his sleeping form and slipped out of the cab. Putting as much distance between us and getting the danger away from him and so he can continue on with his life without added trouble cause of me. He is really sweet and I don’t wanna see him hurt. After shutting the cab door I slipped into the darkness of night stopping at the end of the truck stop looking back quickly then I started to run. Away from the person who made me think of who I am and made me feel like I had some one I could rely on besides myself. Cutting cross country I was about 6 miles from the truck stop when I noticed several people following me and surrounding me. I stopped instinctively and just listened when the person closest to me move I dropped to the ground and swept the guys leg.

Back at the compound“How the heck did she get out of the compound?” Rachel asked

“We don’t know ma’am David discovered her missing and went searching for her and after not being able to find her he notified us” the guard said gesturing to David

“leave us now david may I ask y you were in Cleo’s room in the first place?” Rachel asked while pacing a rut in her office carpet.

Turning a deep shade of red he answered “I I well I think im in love with her and I wanted to make sure she was ok. She said she remembered something about before she came here” turning abruptly and facing david Rachel waited for him to continue “I got sick shortly after she told me about that I got sick and she helped me to the infirmary and I don’t know what happened after that.”

“Okay so what happened to you that made you sick” asking with genuine concern

“it was a memory that was trying to surface but not ready to cope with physically so I kinda blacked out he he he it only happens with Cleo though is that odd?” 

“No it isn’t just slightly concerning why Cleo but anyway we need to find Cleo wake the others we are going to find her” Rachel said. Doing as asked David woke the others up and directed them to the conference room and awaited Rachel and her orders.

After waiting for a few hours Rachel comes in with more men and women who started passing out gear silently to everyone. Checking the gear we put it on seeing what we got which includes guns, ammunition, knives, and protective gear. Once the gear was passed out and on that is when Rachel cleared her throat.

“okay we think we have tracked Cleo to Montana and we have to move fast if we wanna get her back. You do have to come with I gave you your advanced gear and weapons so those of you wish to come with step forward.”

Looking at each other in everyone stepped forward at once with a determined look in their eyes. Rachel looked back and smiled at them chucking she left room pausing at the door. Looking back at cleo's friends tilting her head she left the room. With everyone following close behind going towards the waiting helicopter.

Waking up in the dark bunk everything seemed normal but then again it didn’t something was missing. Then I remembered that I had a nice passenger named Cleo and that she isn’t in the bunk with me. Moving to a sitting position I hear the distinct crumple of paper putting a hand behind me I find the paper. Flipping on the cab light I read the note that says…

  "I'm sorry to have drug you in to the danger that is my life I am leaving this to let you know that your life wont be in danger anymore with me being around you. You’re a sweet caring person with a tough exterior . I don’t wanna see you hurt the short time we were together I felt we were becoming friends maybe more. I wish you the best in your life Cleo P.S there is some money on the dash as a thank you for letting me tag along and don’t worry there is plenty more where it came from."

Getting dressed I found the money on the dash when I counted it, it totaled over 700 hundred dollars. Wondering how the heck she had that much money and could get more means either she robbed a bank or she is loaded the latter seems to fit her more. Good posture, good manners, well groomed, pretty eyes, dark long clean hair, nice huh whoa where did that come from. How did this young woman who jumped on to my truck also jump into my thoughts and won’t leave. Frustrated punching the steering wheel with a frustrated grunt I get of the truck and get some coffee. Getting back on the road and forgetting about her is the best bet. After getting the coffee I get rolling pulling out of the truck stop an pulling away from possibly something real.

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