fighting to live trying to fly

teenage girl finds she has a special skill set that turns her life around


5. Chapter 5

After waiting for what seemed like hours when it was only a half an hour or so. No one came maybe I was or am being paranoid but considering my record I can never be overly cautious.

                Trudging through the undergrowth is a workout in its self. Coming out of some thick shrubbery I see a huge freeway and there happened to be an overpass nearby. Walking onto the over pass I was timing the semis on the freeway going under the overpass. After watching for a few minutes I spot a truck that will do nicely for my purpose. With the backpack securely in place I set up for the jump.

                 Timing it right I landed with a loud thud on top of the semi’s trailer laying down flat I enjoyed the ride. My goal was to get away from the camp and under the radar as fast as I can. And well one out of two not bad. I think I dozed off because the next thing I know we are turning off the freeway and into a truck stop. Slowly creeping to the edge of the trailer I hear and oddly sexy voice asking if I am coming down or if he has to call the police. When I peer over the edge I find a tall slightly skinny young man with rich chocolate brown eyes and short thick brown hair. He has a broad nose and a strong jaw. I find him staring up in the general area where I am at.

Tall dark and handsome says “look I know you are up there I heard you land. Now are you coming down or am I coming up there and bringing you down here? ”

Sighs “alright alright already I’m coming down give me a minute ” I say standing up I do a handstand on the edge of the trailer and flip off of it landing neatly beside tall thin and gorgeous. After stretching I ask “ok so what’s your name or I am probably going to end up calling you something that would be awkward for both of us”

“ok huh”

“I had asked if you had a name but you were too busy starring at my body than what I was actually saying now would you please tell me your name before this gets anymore awkward”

“My name is Billy what may I ask is yours since you were riding on my semi. Also would you like something to eat?”

                “yes I would like something to eat and my name is Cleo by the way. Nice to meet you Billy and sorry about your truck. What are you having supper?”

“I don’t know whatever they have from the vending machines anyway why did you catch a ride on my trailer if can answer that honestly miss jump on my truck.”

“I just needed to get away from where I was personal issues if you must know the full reason. Nothing much here (chuckles) I can get what I want it is cheap. What I really want is some wings or something along those lines but this will do.” I say as I am getting a bag of chips and a bottle of pop and a bottle of milk. After getting my snack food I walk over to a table and sit down in a chair with a back and practically sag with comfort even though it was a hard plastic chair at that.

                While I was digging into my foodstuff I asked him “is it ok if I catch a ride with you wherever you are heading. I mean you don’t have to unless you want to I can get another ride if I need to.” With one look at her present condition he knew he couldn’t leave her here.

“You can stay with me I have a big sleeper”

“You can take the bunk Ill stretch out between seats and don’t worry I’m a big tough girl besides I have been in worse sleeping arrangements” I say particularly about sleeping in a tree most of the night. I get up after I finish eating and stretch. After doing that I head for the door I stop when he doesn’t follow me. Turning to him I ask “coming or are you just going to sit there like a bump on a log”

“okay I’m coming can I finish what I am having first I haven’t hand much today.” He says while trying to eat a vending machine burrito which looked like it was partially alive.

                Pacing always has helped get my thoughts together so while waiting for billy to finish I was pacing. Just wondering if this was wise trusting billy or if I was putting him in danger. He seemed nice and those eyes. What am I thinking snap out of it, I was so lost in thought I didn’t notice billy was done cause the next thing I know I feel somebody grab my arm. Before I realized who it was I had his arm pinned behind his back and an arm across his throat. After a few moments I hear a strangled what the hell that is when I realized I had billy in the self-defense position. Quickly releasing him I realized my error.

“sorry I thought you were someone else. Are you okay? Did I hurt you?” I asked really concerned

“you can… I mean…  I’m fine. But what the hell why did you do that for”

“sorry I thought you were someone else don’t do that again please you might get hurt worse. C’mon let’s get some sleep I need a clear mind and I’m tired (yawns)” heading to the semi billy was starting to regret letting her tag along but then again might not be so bad he thought with a smile.

When I got into the cab he tried to make me take the bunk and he slept on the seats. “listen I am tagging along. I don’t want you to give up your bunk I am fine using the seats; besides I am the better guard dog as you just found out. Sorry about that again”

“you are impossible. Fine I will take the bunk good night. ”he says looking back then shaking his head and disappearing into the sleeper area so I could get situated on the seats. One in a comfortable position I slowed my breathing down till it was even and quiet and listened for any unusual noises of someone or something looking for me. After about an hour I heard nothing but billy getting comfortable and falling to sleep. After hearing nothing out of the ordinary I ended up dozing for a while always half listening. About midnight by my guess I here this loud scraping noise that sounded like metal against metal slowly getting up to peer what was making the noise I heard it again. Only this time louder than the last time once I a position to see outside unnoticed. I saw a man breaking into trucks looking for me I guess he was 3 semis away from where we were at. When he moved to the next truck more drivers were waking up including billy. Moving out of the driver’s seat and to the passenger seat so billy could get us rolling.  With the other truckers up and moving deciding not to get broken into then followed us out of the truck stop and on to the freeway. After about an hour of silence I end up falling back asleep in the moving truck.

Waking up I was still in the truck with my face pressed unattractively against the window. Looking outside I see we were in a construction site. When I came to my full faculties I realized that billy wasn’t there in the cab or the sleepers bunk. As I was ready to get out of the truck the divers side door opened and billy was in the truck again. Leaving the load we didn’t speak till there were miles between us and the work site. He asked if there was any place in particular I would like for breakfast I saying anywhere was fine.

 After saying that he took us to a drive-thru place to get something to eat. I went ahead of him in line ordering a breakfast wrap and an orange juice to go. I stepped to the side to wait for my order. Then billy ordered a steak and egg breakfast sandwich and an extra-large coffee to go as well. After paying for his order he headed over to stand by me the silence that pursued was awkward. My order was finished first then immediately following mine Billy’s order was finished going up together we got our food and left. Getting back into the truck we started digging into our food sitting in silence and eating how fun.

After eating and we were moving again and the silence was getting unbearable. Finally I broke down saying “okay this is getting really weird talk about awkward tension. Is your shoulder ok I know that the one hold can do shoulder damage from experience. (Grimaces from the memory)”

“my shoulder is fine just not used to having someone in the cab with me since I was just learning to drive a semi. How is your neck you were sleeping with your head in a funky position.”

“its fine maybe a little stiff that’s it. Can we play some music or talk or something cause otherwise this is going to be a long ride.” After waiting five minute and hearing no reply I say “guess not.”

Settling in to the silence I begin watching the mirrors in case someone is following us. Eventually this vehicle pulls up behind us fairly close but not drafting or trying to pass which sets off alarm bells off in my head. Keeping an eye on the black SUV seeing what it does after about 50mileso them following us I brought the SUV to billy’s attention. Saying some choice words he got off on the next exit.

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