fighting to live trying to fly

teenage girl finds she has a special skill set that turns her life around


4. chapter 4

Most of my classes are boring except for my sparring class. Where for the past week David was my partner believe it or not he’s actually a good sparring partner for me. For the first practice after my sparring class I was actually sore and he was off worse than me (I think I broke one of his abs).  After a few weeks David and I were moved to the adult sparring class to the advanced martial arts sparring class. As my sparring got better so did most of my other class which is expected with me because I do well in most of my classes but I still struggle in Mandarin and Japanese. I’m getting help from Sam in my Mandarin and Japanese while she’s doing that lover boy (David) is still trying to get me to go out with him (yeah like that’s going to happen anytime soon) he really doesn’t know when to give up does he. By my count that’s the 27th time he has asked me out every single time the answer is no and he really can’t take a hint I don’t want to go out with him.

                During one of my sparring I wasn’t paying attention and David landed a solid kick to the side of my rib cage (which surprisingly didn’t hurt that much). The reason I was distracted was because of something I remembered from the night of the attack. Now that I understand more Japanese I know what the ninjas were saying. It went something like “it’s her be ready for anything with her” I need to talk to Rachel about that. When I find Rachel and ask her about that she went pale and didn’t say anything for a while which to me wasn’t a good sign.

                When Rachel was able to speak again she told me to follow her to her office so we could talk alone when we got there we sat in silence for a while then she spoke. What she told me came as a surprise to me. That the CIA was looking into a group of kids who are physically and intellectually advanced and keeping tabs on them. And with good reason if any of the enemy countries tried to recruit and got them it could mean big trouble for the US. Japan and Russia were able to recruit about three kids of our age right before we were able to talk with them to try and train then here according to Rachel. Apparently japan was trying to recruit me by force (that wasn’t exactly a smart idea on their part). Anyway I do not like being forced to do anything as they soon there found out. Eventually Rachel said that it didn’t surprise her that I was going to b recruited by force by japan and she was wondering why Russia hadn’t tried 2 kidnap me yet. Rachel escorted me back 2 my classes where she left me puzzled she was telling the whole story I was so out of it I didn’t even here David walk up behind when he said hi I about jumped through the roof.

“Damn it David you scared the heck out of me don’t do that again.” I said as he moved around the table to sit beside me. As he got properly adjusted his leg brushed up against mine and it felt funny even after he moved his leg away.

After he was settled he said “sorry that was a supposed to be a warning but I guess it didn’t serve its purpose. What are you doing? ” he asked chuckling as he handed me a bottle of water looking truly interested in what I was doing.

“(Sighs) nothing much I am just trying to figure out some things that happened to me before I came here. Actually right before I came here anyway is there something you wanted besides a date that is the last thing I need right now.” When I don’t get a answer I turn towards David to find him staring at me deep in thought apparently. I finally just give him a very audible slap across his face when he kept that look up for five minutes. Shaking his head he gave me a look like why in the heck did I slap him that hard for. With the confusion clearly written on his face I end up saying. “I asked you a question a while ago and u had this weird deep in thought stare pinned on me and it went on like that for five minutes. Are you ok?” I asked david cause he still had a glassy eyed look to him. With no reply again I looked around us and I saw that nikki and Patrick were close so I called them over to help me get him to the infirmary which was all the way across the campgrounds.

Nikki asks “What the heck happed to him” while Patrick just grunted under davids weight.

“I have no idea ok we were talking one moment then he got quiet  and looked over and he had the glassy stare at me I slaped him it got it out of him momentarly. (sighs) anyway wait I think if I snapped him out of it 2 walk might help. Hold him up plz” they did as I asked and I well slapped him as hard as I could it got him to the infirmary.

                Giving my thanks to Nikki and Patrick I left them to deal with the nurse. After I got to the door I ran. Putting my parkor to good use I soon had disappeared into the trees eventually I made it back to my room. After sitting for hours in my room I came to the decision of what I am going to do next.

                After gathering up and packing my belongings I go down for dinner and acted normally. After saying my goodbyes at dinner I excused myself to my room saying I was feeling ill and would retire to my room for the night. When I got to my room and shut the door I double checked I had everything ready for me to leave. After getting the room set up and started double checking stuff one last time I went to the air vent and then started my way out of the camp.

Making my way through the air duct I got to my exit point grateful I could stand up I tied my supplies to my belt and made the five story vertical climb up to the surface every 25 feet I have to disengage and reengage some laser beams. And at the top of the vent there was a manhole cover I already know that the easy part was getting to cover and that the above ground defenses were going to be my biggest challenge yet.

When I was out of the vent I put the cover back in place putting on my trusty sunglasses they led me safely out of the defenses and on my own. Taking them off I ran away from the direction I just came from. Running as quietly as I could I was able to get to a dirt road I heard the sounds of a busy road and I started walking in that direction taking my time. After about a mile I noticed I was being followed and all I could think of is not again and don’t get caught. Stopping for a few minutes to catch my breath reaching into my pack I grabbed a water bottle. Taking a drink I turned around like I was taking in the scenery. When I put the water back in my pack I took a deep breath and started to run I went into a ravine and hid among the tree tops in the middle of the ravine. Holding my breath I stilled myself watched waited and listened for anything that might indicate I had been followed. After waiting for what seemed like hours when it was only a half an hour or so. No one came maybe I was or am being paranoid but considering my record I can never be overly cautious. Since I saw no use continuing further tonight I set up camp in the tree and slept until daylight was streaming though the tree tops. Climbing down from the tree I heard the sound of heavy traffic I headed in that direction.


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