fighting to live trying to fly

teenage girl finds she has a special skill set that turns her life around


3. chapter 3

He replied “dear twin sister I’m here for your newest trainee Cleo is it?”

What do you want with her?

 Let’s just say I have need of her talents for a while.

For what use Rachel asked?

After I listened to them go at it for about another twenty minutes then I got fed up with the Q&A session. I linked up my glasses with the computer’s mainframe and went up to take care of him myself. When I did get up there I heard them still talking so I went up and said “you looking for me?” Rachel told me to run I didn’t (yet).

The man replied “and you are?”

“Cleo and you must be Dylan I presume your sister has told me a little bit about you.”

“Ah so you’re the one I’ve been after. Huh though you’d be older.”

“I may be young but don’t underestimate me.” That’s when he made his move to try and grab me. I easily avoided his blow and landed a solid leg sweep and he went down. I heard another besides Rachel coming after me so I took off Away from the camp and into the forest that surrounds the camp.

When I got to what I believe to be about fifty yards I ran into a solidly built man. More of a boy really anyway though he is a stranger and in the midst of things though he’s likely the enemy (but he’s kind of cute). With curly brown hair soft moss green eyes and a trim fit build its hard not to fall in love at first sight. He helped me up for some reason I had a feeling he was the enemy. The type of enemy I was told to avoid was standing right in front of me that’s when I heard Rachel scream. I kicked the guy in front of me who still had a hold of my wrist freed myself and ran to where I heard Rachel scream. When I reached her she was swollen up like a balloon and barely breathing. I got her to the underground facility undetected by the enemy trying now to kill me. Soon I found out that whenever she is stung by a bee or a wasp she has an anaphylactic reaction. Our infirmary can handle anything or so I thought they didn’t have the stuff to treat Rachel properly though they did have enough to stabilizer her enough to get her the proper treatment in the emergency room. We got a stupid doctor when we got there he did nothing for Rachel but all but laugh at her. Let’s just he ended up in pain, ok okay I kicked dr. glut from the second story emergency room window and while I was chasing he ran into a lab tech carrying what I think is stomach acid for Ph imbalance testing I think. Anyway because he ran into the lab tech he got stomach acid spilled on the front of him. After that I caught up to him I flipped him out an open window overlooking a cactus garden. He landed bear hugging a cactus with medium length thin needles. As dr. glut slid down the cactus the front part of his scrubs got caught and tore from the rest of his scrubs as he continued to slide down the cactus he finally landed on a small cactus with long thick spines. That’s the last I ever saw of dr. glut the next dr. we got was smart and treated Rachel with respect we were able to leave soon thereafter Rachel got the proper treatment that she needed.

                When we did return to the camp she only then did ask what happed to dr. glut. The answer I gave her is that he fell into a cactus. Which wasn’t a total lie he did fall in to a cactus he just had some help from me. The rest of the day went on rather quickly of course we did get back just in time for supper. She didn’t teach her classes the next day she was still wiped so we had an easy day in the language department. In my combat class we used paintball guns and white jumpsuits we were set loose in an arena with different settings.  The goal is to make it out of the arena unscathed and unpainted and since we were on our own we split up and took our spots when the horn sounds we are to begin. When the horn sounded I was the target everyone gunned for (go figure). But that worked to my advantage I know you’re thinking how that can be used as an advantage I’ll tell you. It tells me where my opponents locations while I moved quickly and silently. To me this is loads of fun because it tests my reflexes, speed, and flexibility. I found peter first he tried and tried to paint me but he ran out of ammunition (paintballs) first and let’s just say it was painful and not for me. And it went on like that with everyone I was training with I was the only one that didn’t get hit with a paintball during all of training. I don’t know how Samantha got herself upside-down and hanging by her feet she looked so helpless but she wasn’t (who knew she had such good aim upside down). Nikki and Jake teamed up talk about a double team that one was that one was funny though because they accidentally shot each other by accident trying to hit me with a paintball. Let’s just say that a well-placed flip to avoid both paint balls was easy and the paintballs hitting each other was priceless. Jake got hit in the gut and Nicki was hit in the chest (ouch right) though I did feel sorry for her but I felt worse for Jake let’s just say he’s out of commission for the rest of the day and he left bawling like a baby. I found Alex next I just kicked him in the butt and gut with a paintball to the chest. Patrick was second to last and was the most exausting and fun who knew Patrick would be the best match against me. I think we both got a workout considering we were both panting. He looked like he didn’t want to try to hit me with the paintballs and considering one went way past me I think I’m not far from the truth. He didn’t want to get hit with one of my paint balls we both ran out of paintballs it went to hand to hand combat He landed a few good blows but I got in more. Last but not least was Alicia she was out of ammunition and was ready for hand to hand combat she went down with a thud as I retreated to safety. As you know in the end I win and I got hugs and congrats from all who were there and I got a hug and congrats from Jake who joined us for dinner.

                He sat near me at dinner and far away from Nicki for protection from her I guess. Okay so on with the descriptions where were we ah yes Alicia she is a good friend but can be ruthless when she needs to be. She’s the original southern belle type with an accent when she relaxes it slips through a little. She has gorgeous long wavy dark brown hair with moderately delicate features and fair slightly tanned skin and golden brown eyes. And last but not least is Patrick he is the gentle tough guy with a heart of gold with a deep blue eyes, tanned skin, sandy brown hair, and long dark lashes. He’s the one who didn’t want to hurt me in combat practice. Oh got to go pop quiz now on suburban crowd disappearance and tailing. Okay so it involves our supervisor tailing us through downtown suburbia if we can lose him in and get back to our destination before he did we would past part one. I was up first I don’t know why but I could feel him tailing me and watching me I was able to escape him a couple of times though I finally did something I figured he didn’t expect coming he didn’t. I used the foot traffic and regular traffic to disappear used the crowed to duck into traffic and a bus for a free ride on the roof. I did make it back to the spot before he did and I brought McDonalds for everyone including Jack my instructor for pop quizzes. I made it back a good two hours give or take. When he got there he just stopped and stared at me as if I was a ghost with a shocked look on his face. When he finally moved again after several tension filled moments and said as hard as it was for him to give I got an a+ on the first part of the quiz the rest of the group just looked at me dumbstruck that  I got and a+ from this teacher and gave him a big mac and fries. The rest of the group did well just not as well as me on the first part of the quiz. The next part of the quiz was tailing Jack through the suburbia and let’s just says I was able to ambush him in public and without suspicion of our audience. I delivered him back to our starting point again my peers were again were awestruck with my abilities in different areas such as this.

                After everyone was done we headed back to the camp/school for spies. When Rachel heard the report she nodded to me as what I think a congratulatory nod for what I got on the pop quiz. When I thought things couldn’t get weirder (they did). They guy I ran into running from Dylan as it turns out this guy is one of ours because he just walked right into camp and that’s kind of crazy though he is cute I still don’t trust him. Rachel put his room literary right across the hall for me (oh great I think he’s trying to flirt with me this is going to be really tough) but I’m trying not to let him get to me. Though that isn’t working out well I don’t know why but he just rubs me the wrong way. The next day I find out that his name is David he is nice, but just to me he is extremely annoying.

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