fighting to live trying to fly

teenage girl finds she has a special skill set that turns her life around


2. chapter 2


One of the men made a move to grab my broken arm (that was a big mistake). Instead I grabbed him and flipped him over my bed, my wrist paid for doing that. None the less, I was ready to take the men on. After I flipped their comrade they all took a step back and looked at me like I grew a horn and a tail in my sleep. And the guy I flipped got up rubbing his hip as if it was giving him a lot of pain with a dumbfounded look on his face. Finally I screamed “what are you doing in my room “. The men shifted uncomfortably and then they tried to take me by force (not a good idea).   Most of the men ended up on the floor others landed strewn on my bedroom furniture before I had my breakfast. That’s when Tori came in.

“What in the world happened in here?” Tori asked

“When I woke up they were trying to grab me so I fought back like last night. Anyway I don’t know why they keep trying to kidnap me. Is breakfast ready?” I told her

“Ok that’s weird and yes breakfast is ready. Are you ok you look pale?

“Yeah it’s just that you need to duck if you don’t want to be hit in the head with nun chucks.” I said as a ninja approached nun chucks ready. Tori did duck and I flipped landing on the ninja’s chest and groin. We tied all the men up and forced them to talk. The ninja just said what sounded like gibberish to me. Since the other men were still unconscious Tori and I had breakfast in my room and chatted about what I should do best about the recent attacks on me. Finally the one who I flipped over my bed came to. After a little interrogation of my own I found out that the guys in suits are the good guys and that the guy I flipped is actually named George (go figure). So I untied the government agents and kicked the ninja to the curb. Then they told me that I was unique with my intellectual and physical abilities. Next George asked me to consider being a well a U.S. spy (talk about interesting).

                I asked most of the agents to vacate the premises and invited a few to lunch to discuss what I would do if I accepted the offer. We also discussed what would happen if I did which sounds really cool. I would have to do training for about or less depending on how well and how fast I complete the courses. They would be fluent language classes and physical training. Though he did say it would be grueling training and then he left me to my thoughts. I little while later tori did ask what I was going to do. I finally decided to actually do the training. When I told my parents they just let me go (weird right) it was not what my parents would do. That night I packed what I would need for training and contacted George and waited for my ride whatever it would be. As it turns out my ride is a black helicopter (cool right).

                The ride was swift to the airport where I was to catch a flight out to Oregon to a yearlong performance camp (yeah right). Try super spy training center where I’d learn to kick butt blend in and speak fluent Japanese. I slept on the flight to the supposed camp when I touched down in Portland I was well rested and alert. Struggling out of baggage claim I saw a man in a similar suit to Georges and I headed for him not knowing what else to do. He greeted me in Arabic I think and responded with I was going to a performance camp in the middle of nowhere. He just chuckled and asked what the camps name was. I told him I don’t know just that George sent me. Another agent I suppose came up and pulled away the agent I was talking to discuss things. As they pulled away from me and weren’t paying attention and I started eavesdropping in on the conversation as it turned out they were discussing me.

“I was just on the phone with George and he said the girl had no training and was already having incredible with her skills in the athletic department” said the other agent

The one I was chatting with replied “she doesn’t look like she could hurt a fly let alone take on George.”

“Well George says don’t underestimate her abilities or it might be one of the last things you do. Any way from what he said I don’t want to cross her path. Hey where’d she go?”

“I don’t know she was just here a minute ago. Man she is good.”

                After a good couple minutes of them looking for them I showed myself to them just to have some fun of my own. They were scared half to death when I sauntered up behind them and asked if they were looking for me.  Considering when I said that they jumped and about to hit the roof. Finally when they settled down I told them I had been listening in on their conversation and that I had to chuckle at their reaction when they finally noticed I’d disappeared. We finally headed for the camp or what I’ve taken to calling it camp spy so I thought.

                I kept quiet when they blindfolded me and when it felt like we were driving in circles for hours through a parking lot for it felt like we went over twenty speed bumps yeah I actually counted (what can I say I was bored). During all of that I pretended to fall asleep and when they thought I was asleep did we finally set off for the camp. When we reached the camp only then did I finally realize that it was in Oregon and was in the middle of nowhere. Another thing I noticed is that the closer we got the rougher the terrain got. Only did I let on I was awake was when I was knocked out of my seat and hit my hand at a weird angle on the seat in front of me and let out a yelp. Finally I said “enough of this I’m taking this stupid blind fold off and there is nothing you can do about it”. I kept my eyes closed as I took off the blindfold then I slowly opened my eyes. After I did that I told them if they didn’t take me the rest of the way to the camp I’d walk the rest of the way myself. They dropped me off and I put on the sunglasses George gave me. When he gave the sunglasses to me he said to focus on the distance. So I did and information popped up on screen; I was able to pull up a map of the area and how to access the camp. So I made it there easy finding the access point was hard considering the camp is subterranean. I finally found the access point and entered. The facility is huge with archery and rifle ranges and so much more! When I finally made it to the office building I was greeted warmly by the director of the camp. Her name is Rachel Livingston she told me that she’s more of an intelligent agent than physical one. We set up my training schedule I have four language courses a day, and five physical courses a day. The well for lack of a better term classes will start tomorrow and I was free to explore the grounds. I looked at the training area for different weapons and so on one thing I did notice is that there were few here that are my age which seemed odd to me. I explored until dinner which turned out to be one of my favorite foods sushi (delicious). As it turned out I sat with Rachel and the younger spies in training. I found out their names theirs Alicia, Peter, Nicole (Nicki for short), Samantha (Sam for short), Jacob (Jake for short), Patrick, and Alex. Descriptions for each are to come later but they are the other teenage spies in training. After supper I made my way to my room which is rather spacious and comfy I fell asleep after I changed into my favorite pajamas and curled up in bed.

                I was woke up by a loud alarm and got ready to head to breakfast which was short and filling. Then I headed to the first of my classes which is blending and disappearing before someone’s eyes. My teacher is Rachel and she’s nice about it and I can disappear into a crowd and escape she even lost me a few times. My next class is German today which was easy but frustrating. After that it was self-defense dance class which was interesting because I accidentally kicked Patrick o the shin and elbowed Alex in the gut. Okay next is French which I already know so we worked on my accent. My fifth class is weapons’ training it is split in half by lunch. At lunch I sit by the people I ate dinner with last night with the exception of Rachel so I choose a seat in-between Nicki and Sam.

                Okay here are some of the descriptions I promised you. I guess I’ll start with Rachel though bad injuries to her shoulder and to her thigh a while ago she can still move. Her features are soft but strong if that makes any sense) her body is one the boys drool over and make girls want that figure. With long strait golden brown hair, a trim waist, and long legs. Next up is Nikki she is like a tiger with grace, beauty, and strength. Though her blonde hair is billowy and soft and her features recognizable she can look like a regular girl in under a minute and disappear into a crowd. Her strength and grace are shown in the physical training she is amazing to watch. Next is ugh I have to get back to weapons training which is kind of fun considering we are using rifles today.

                My next class is Italian which is interesting considering I came very close to punching the Italian teacher. Now I’m glad I have my combative class so I can punch and kick someone hard only downside is that they might kick or punch back harder. Like Patrick can do though I did come back with an equally hard round house kick which sounded painful from his cry of pain. My next class is Chinese which is really confusing to me it sounds like tittering monkeys. And then I have a protection class last before dinner which means I doge blows and use my senses to my advantage. Like say a well-placed duck can throw your attacker off balance and a quick jab sends them on their butt.

                Dinner was delicious as the other meals that I’ve had here. Tonight’s meal consisted of beef stew, warm bread with cold butter, and a drink of your choice. Okay let’s see where I was in descriptions? Ah yes I was just getting to Samantha she is definitely more of the genius type of spy and not a field operative. Though she is small redheaded teen she could do field work because she is fast and light. She can easily outrun any assailant that might get in her way and outwit anyone that stands in her way. Next is Jake who in my personal opinion is as clever as he is annoying. He is strong and fit like the rest of us but he is of average build. He’s like the person who you’ve seen multiple times but never can remember. Alex is kind of like the hunky bad boy anyway he has the menacing look that you don’t want to mess with him style. He excels in physical and lacks a little in the intelligence area. He is still smart but not as smart as Samantha though. Peter is the nice guy next door the one you feel you can tell anything to. For a spy that’s a good thing at getting intelligence from the enemy. He has golden honey color hair, slight tan, violet blue eyes, and an average guy build. Alicia is (yawns) is I’ll give the rest of the descriptions tomorrow goodnight.

I wake up in the morning with Nicki standing over my bed with a worried expression. “What’s wrong Nicki?” I asked

“The director is gone and no one knows what to do” Nikki said

“But I think I do” I mumbled. Anyway I grabbed my sunglasses and rounded every one up. Using my glasses I got us up to Rachel’s office. She somehow I know that her office is the command center for the camp and security. I put on the glasses gained control of her office and cameras. While I was taped in to the system I made everyone except the chef take a nap. Then I tapped into the above ground cameras and the bird cam. That’s when I found them using the bird cam. I alone had audio but I linked the video up to the screen.

Rachel asked the man “what are you doing here?”

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