fighting to live trying to fly

teenage girl finds she has a special skill set that turns her life around


1. chapter 1


I’m awake before my alarm. I didn’t really sleep last night, too excited to sleep, but I don’t care because it’s my eighteenth birthday today. I am already up and moving when Tori, my favorite staff member, comes to wake me up for the day. Today I shocked her when she finds me already up and dressed for the day.

 “You’re up already Cleo? That’s a surprise. Well anyway, happy birthday, here’s a little something for you from me” Tori said. She handed me a box wrapped in silver wrapping paper. I tore off the wrapping paper and opened the box to find the most beautiful little figurine I’ve ever seen.              

“It must have cost you a fortune” I said.

She told me later that it was no big deal. But that was only the beginning; I had my favorite breakfast in the world with a surprise. It was a precious little beagle puppy with a bow around her neck. She is from my aunt Lynne and she (the puppy) has had all of her shots. Next mom and dad came in yelling, I tried to escape, but they wouldn’t let me and I got dragged into the middle of it. On my birthday, no less, this argument was for what we are doing and where we are going for winter break and school has not even started yet! Finally I was able to escape with my puppy to my room to ease my headache from their arguing. I think I finally picked out a name for my puppy. Maybe Nina or maybe Chloe, I don’t know. There is something you need to know I’m have what many people call beautiful long black hair and chocolate brown eyes. My facial features are distinctive with a soft angular jaw and prominent cheek bones. I have a slim waist (just not pencil thin) and a toned athletic build.

Tori just came in to help me get ready for my party which my mom supposedly planed; it’s a masquerade themed party. I’ll give you a guess at who I’m going as. That’s right, you guessed it, and I’m going as the dead queen, Cleopatra. Go figure! At least the fabric is breathable.

It feels like Egypt with the heat and humidity and I’m surprised my hair isn’t a big ball of frizz. My mother outdid herself this time the entire mansion looks like a palace from Egypt, it’s stunning and realistic. She even went so far as to import the water reeds directly from the Nile in Egypt to be in the pool.

One of my best guy friends, Nick, came dressed as Cleopatra’s lover; ode to joy for me. What made that even worse for me is that he kept asking me to dance every other song, talk about annoying. I wanted to reject his invitation every time but mother wouldn’t let me.

If you think that the mansion was stunning, the cakes were exquisite on the outside and delicious on the in. One was double chocolate for anyone who wanted it and the other was vanilla for those who didn’t. Let’s just say that there was a mountain of presents which took me forever to get through. I think I’m lost in the maze of gifts that I got for my birthday and to say that most of the gifts were money is an understatement. The maids and butlers are bustling around sorting and organizing all the presents. Which they are happy to do it because they get a bonus if they do in a certain amount of time and this makes them hurry.

That’s when things got really weird aside from the staff the normal sounds of night life were nonexistent. Normally it was filled with the sounds of insects and other nocturnal animals. Then ninjas dropped from the ceiling and crashed in through the south facing windows.

 I don’t know how, I guess instinct kicked in. Anyway I dodged a kick aimed at my head and dropped down and did a leg sweep on my attacker. Then I used my hands to launch me into a split kick that connected with two of the ninjas’ jaws and heard a sickening crunch.

Next the ninjas are staring at me in utter shock at what I just did. Some of the ninjas started fleeing (cowards) while others prepared to take me on for the reason I don’t know. I guess each ninja specialized in a weapon which they were drawing now. There was everything from death stars to deadly fans (I think for the women ninjas) anyway running on instinct, your mind is there but blank. My brain was half on like when you just wake up but I still managed to say “what do you want with me?” after I said that the ninjas started to attack. I dodged death stars, avoided fans, and evaded nun chucks and swords.

 All the while I did avoid most of the blows, I did get a broken wrist and a gash in my leg during all of this but I didn’t feel the pain. Most, if not all, the ninjas that fled (seriously!) had it worse off than I did. And I did all of that in my Cleopatra costume. Once the adrenalin wore off and my mind was working once again, I felt the exhaustion and pain from my injuries. It was late and I was tired, in pain, and exhausted as I made my way to my bedroom. Once there I sank into my bed and dressed the wound in my leg then I fell into a deep dreamless sleep. Next thing I know I’m awake and they’re several men in dark suits hovering over my bed and standing around my room.

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