Thé Wèddïñg


3. Wedding day

The day is here I'm on the way to church I get a call saying congrats and I see Ashton waiting I look at him I get out and see him with a gift. I opened it it was a bracelet it said mr and mrs. I said its amazing. Then my father walk me down. Then I stand right in front of Ashton and say the most amazing words you say to you boyfriend. I said I DO he smiled and said I DO back We kiss then we left. We enjoyed the party and went home he he wanted 2 kids. I said you crazy and enjoyed the rest of the day. Later year me and Ashton have a boy and a girl and they are twins. We named the kids April and Jake. After years u had the baby I was sad to here the news Ashton had to take a tour and was not going to be back in 9 mouths. We enjoyed the rest of our life and we were there for each step Apirl and jake take Thank you for reading I'm sorry it's so sort but please like and follow on insagram xx_joecelyn_valois_xx thanks again

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