Thé Wèddïñg


1. Thè fírśt dàtè

Aston is me up at 8:30 it 7:50. I can't imagine how it will be. What if he hate me or gets sick of me. We are going to watch The Fault In Our Stars. He calls me and said Sorry I can't make it. I lay in bed as I hear my window open is Ashton he said I'm sorry out the date if I can make it up to you wanna watch Netflix. No as I turn around . I hear him turn on his Nap top. No turn that thing off or I will call the cops. Ok ok I will leave but I need to tell you that I really like you. I get up and open the iendo as I turn around he grabs me and kisses me on the lips. I close the window and let him sleep over. The next day we woke up facing each other. He kisses me again and leaves.

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