Thé Wèddïñg


2. 3 years later

Me and Ashton have our house together. I here a know at the door. I'll get it said Ashton. I saw the boys at the door. Hey Luke, Calum, and Michael are y'all rehearsing today. Yeah said Calum. When the boys left Ashton told me babe maybe we should get married? I was so shocked I said ok. So the next day while Ashton was brushing him teeth he said November 4th. What I said. That when we should get married. Days go by and we plan the wedding. Babe what going to be our wedding color? Orange. Ok love you. Love you too my Prince. We go to the salon I get my hair and nails done. Ashton goes and get his hair done. WOW I'm impressed you look handsome. Why thank you my love. It halloween Ashton and I say home and give out candy to the kids. While I was getting candy I saw a ring💍. Ashton grabs my hand and take me outside he said everyone I have something to say. I was about to cry. Will you marry me? I cried as I said yes. Next day i wake up and look at my ring I smile.

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