The Wolf's Shadow

When Teddy Scath moved to Beacon Hills, she expected annoying teachers, preppy girls, and nosy adults. And that's what she's dealing with, only the most popular girl is her best friend now, one teacher has reached the level of being Satan himself, and two boys obsessed with the strange animal attacks are suddenly hanging out with Teddy on a daily basis. Turns out, there's a lot more to this town than Teddy expected.


1. New Room, Same Me

*I do not own Teen Wolf. I wish. But I do own Teddy Scath and Bridget Becker. Not edited yet.

"Don't you dare." The small black and white creature took a step closer to the enticing wires.

"Back away from the earbuds," the red headed girl warned. Despite her warnings, the feline took another step across the dresser, green eyes trained on the black earbuds.

"No, no, don- ugh!" the girl groaned, leaping towards the cat as he raced off, his prey between his teeth. The girl followed close behind, and the strawberry blonde perched on the bed watched her race out the door. Many loud bangs sounded, along with several "ow!"s, and the girl rolled her eyes, huffing. Soon, however the red head emerged victoriously back into the room, headphones held proudly in her hand.

"Got them!" she grinned at the strawberry girl before flopping on the bed next to her. However, her companion did not share her excitement. Instead, a neatly filled brow was lifted, and degrading words soon followed.

"That's wonderful and all, Teddy, but doesn't change the problem at hand." she scoffed. "We only have four days until you come to school, and that's hardly enough time to plan your outfits. The only clothes of yours I've seen is what you're currently wearing." Her lip curled. "And I'm praying they don't reflect on your style."

"I didn't realize you were religious, Lydia," Teddy responded, unperturbed by her words. "You're part of a cult. I knew it. Who do you pray to, Prada?"

"Once again, getting off topic," Lydia sighed, eyes returning to her nails. "Clothes. Now."

"I'm planning my own outfit," Teddy insisted, sitting up and crossing her arms stubbornly.

"Unacceptable," Lydia insisted, her green eyes fierce. "I may have only met you a week ago, but that's long enough to know that if I left the planning to you, you wouldn't plan at all."

"And if I let you plan, I'm going to look like a freaking Barbie," Teddy argued, unrelenting. "It's just school, it's not that big of a deal anyway."

"Yes it is!" Lydia exclaimed, throwing her hands up. "How many times must I tell you! You're coming to school a few days late, which means all eyes will be on you. Gossip will be exchanged, and I will not allow it to be about how you look like some emo chick. Especially if you're going to be seen with me. Your outfit is vital to your reputation."

"Sorry, Lydia, but my mind is like the Bermuda Triangle. Information goes in, and is never found again," Teddy responded absentmindedly, now intent on opening a box.

"Well, drain the water and prepare to write notes," Lydia declared firmly. "I will drill this information into you, no matter how longs it takes." Teddy sighed, rubbing her forehead.

"Okay, how about this," she compromised. "You pick the outfit, but it must be from selection of clothes and I have to agree to it. Don't be bringing any of your dresses over here." Lydia narrowed her eyes, a manicured finger tapping her chin thoughtfully.

"Fine," she said haughtily. She stood up and smoothed down her dress. "Now show me your clothes." Teddy dragged two large boxes out of the closet and across the floor to a waiting Lydia. 

"I thought you still had to pick them up," Lydia said accusingly as she opened a box. Teddy watched her pull out the shirt with a wince on her face.

"I may or may not have been trying to put you off," she mumbled, playing with the shoe laces of her black converse. 

"And how long were you hoping that would work?" Lydia inquired, holding up a Doctor Who shirt at the tips of her fingers. 

"Until Monday," Teddy said timidly, making it sound more like a question. Lydia snorted rather indelicately. 

"I can't believe you thought that'd work," she scoffed, her green eyes roving over the wrinkled shirts scattered across the bed. "But I can see why you tried."

"Hey," Teddy protested. "I happen to love my taste in clothes."

"Why do you do this to me?" Lydia groaned, spinning to face her friend. Teddy gave her quizzical look.

"Do what to you?" Teddy asked, plopping on top of a pile of shirts innocently.

"Make me question how our friendship even started," Lydia snapped. "Or why it exists."

"It's my amazing personality," Teddy said smugly. Lydia gave her a scorning look, and she paused. "Okay, maybe not amazing. Like, mediocre?" Lydia rolled her eyes before turning back to the clothes. The two sat in silence, until Lydia let out a cry of triumph. 

"Here's your outfit," she said smugly, pointing to a blue dress on the bed and high heeled boots next to it. Teddy's face pale.

"Damn it, I thought I threw out that dress," she groaned, rubbing her face harshly. "Those boots are not mine."

"We agreed the clothes will be yours," Lydia responded proudly, a wicked smile gracing her lips. "We never said anything about shoes." As Teddy gave her a sarcastic thumbs up, a soft knock came at her door. A dark haired woman poked her head, a kind smile on her face.

"I'm sorry to break up the party, but Teddy needs to get start driving if she's going to make it home at a decent time," she said. When Lydia gave Teddy a questioning look, she explained.

"I have a few boxes I still need to pick up," she explained in a tight voice. Lydia decided not to press on why her friend got so serious all of a sudden. Instead, she nodded.

"Thank you Miss Becker," she said to the woman. "Good night Teddy." Teddy and her aunt both bid her good night as she left. They stood in the silence for a moment, before her aunt spoke.

"Well, you better get driving," she said softly. "It'd be best to get this over with." Teddy smiled back at her.

"Okay Bridget," she said, standing up. Grabbing her car keys from her dresser, she darted out the door. She hopped into the sleek black car parked outside, gunning the engine and pulling out of the driveway. As she sped through the streets, she blasted AWOLNATION from her speakers. The black car blended into the darkening streets, and the music faded as she drove farther and farther from the house.


It was much later now, and darkness pooled in between the trees of the forest. Teddy drove down the street, the music still loud. It was pouring outside, and Teddy was worried about her car slipping on the wet road. Frowning, she slowed down a bit. Driving in the rain gave her anxiety. As she continued down the road, her headlights shone on the figure of a boy her age. He was walking slowly along the road, holding his side as if it hurt him. When he noticed the light of her car, he waved his hand frantically, his face desperate. Gripping a small pipe left in her car from a project long ago, she pulled over to him and rolled down the window.

"Do you need a ride?" she called to him, concerned. He nodded.

"Yes please," he said, his floppy hair dripping in his eyes. "I'd rather not walk in the rain." Teddy unlocked the car as he gave his address, and hopped in. There was a awkward silence as the boy glanced over at her a few times.

"What um, what band is this?" he asked awkwardly, trying to fill the silence. 

"Oh, um, it's AWOLNATION," Teddy responded quickly. They fell back into their uncomfortable silence again.

"I'm Scott McCall," he said, glancing over at her. She paused a moment, before giving him her own name.

"Teddy Scath," she said. "I just moved here. Do you go to Beacon Hills High School?"

"Yeah," he responded. "Are you starting there tomorrow?" Teddy shook her head.

"No, I'm not starting until Monday," she said. When he gave her a questioning look, she answered his unspoken question. "The move was kind of sudden. I'm living with my aunt now. I'm still kind of getting adjusted." He nodded, shifting uncomfortably. A wince covered his face as they hit a bump in the road, and he gripped his side more tightly.

"Is your side okay?" Teddy asked, concerned. 

"Yeah, I just got a little scratch when I was out in the woods," he said way too quickly. Teddy narrowed her eyes suspiciously. 

"What were you doing out there anyway?" she asked, confused. Scott gulped quickly before answering.

"Um, me and my friend were just messing around," he responded, staring out the window.

"On a school night at eleven o'clock?" Teddy asked doubtingly. He nodded quickly, still staring out the window at the darkness. She rolled her eyes. "So where's your friend?" He jumped, looking at her.

"Um, he, um" he stuttered. "He had to.... head home early?" Teddy nodded.

"You're a terrible liar, Scott McCall," she said, and the boy slumped in his seat. "Don't worry, as long as I'm not chauffeuring a murderer here, then I don't care what you were doing." Scott nodded, relieved. Teddy stopped alongside a large house.

"Is this the right place?" she asked. Scott nodded, hopping out of the car.

"Thanks for the ride," he said. "I guess I'll see you Monday?"

"Yeah," Teddy smiled. "See you then. She pulled away and drove back to her new home. Parking in the driveway, she grabbed her boxes and booked it to the door.

"I'm back!" she called into the warm house. Her aunt came to greet her and picked up a box.

"Got everything?" she asked as they made their way to Teddy's room. Teddy nodded.

"Yeah," she responded. "I met a guy on the way back and gave him a ride home. The people in this town are weird......"

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